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Social & Economic Factors Ranking


Description: A healthy community is a more prosperous community.  Improving the health of residents can support economic growth through improved productivity.  Social and economic factors strongly influence the health of the individual and community. Studies repeatedly show a strong correlation between socioeconomic status and health outcomes. Understanding how a community compares to surrounding areas in terms of key social indicators such as educational attainment and crimes rates as well as understanding the comparative economic status of a community is necessary to determine the types of community health programs needed.

Performance Measure: Social and Economic Factors Ranking – shows the ranking of the county in social and economic factors according to the County Health Rankings. The ranking is based on a summary composite score calculated from the following measures: high school graduation, some college, unemployment, children in poverty, income inequality, children in single-parent households, social associations, violent crime rate, and injury death rate (Community Health Dashboard, 2017).

Data: Community Health Dashboard – Social and Economic Factors Ranking

Interpretation: Ranking is out of 133 Counties (or county equivalents) and are ranked relative to the health of other counties in the same state on a variety of health measures. Those having high ranks, e.g. 1 or 2, are considered to be the "healthiest." Use caution when comparing current ranking to previous time periods as ranking criteria may have changed (Community Health Dashboard, 2017). View more information regarding Fairfax County’s overall health outcomes.

Source: County Health Rankings and Roadmaps – Fairfax County

Chart of social and economic ranking factors.

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