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Students Earning a Career Credential/CTE Programs


Description: A successful educational system puts students in a position to succeed; this metric acknowledges that college preparation is not the only path to success. Tracking career credentials of high school graduates helps show whether the full spectrum of students is prepared for a range of jobs. Tracking across different populations may identify areas in which students are not adequately trained, as well as areas for which there are not sufficient job prospects matching the training. This information may be useful in targeting potential employers or industries.

Performance Measure: Percent of Graduates Passing at least One Industry Credential Test by Ethnicity (Asian, Black, Hispanic and White) – measures the percent of Fairfax County high school graduates that have passed at least one credential test by ethnicity.

Data: Student Success – Report to the School Board (April 2018) – page 84

Interpretation: The percentage of students passing at least one industry credential increased across all races from the previous year (2016).

Source: Fairfax County Public Schools

Percent of graduates passing at least one industry credential test by ethnicity

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