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Total Dollar Investment in Maintenance of County Assets


Description: Maintenance of existing infrastructure lessens the risk of system failure and ensures that systems can be utilized for their entire expected life cycle. Deferring needed maintenance results in higher maintenance costs in the long run than investing in maintenance needs on an ongoing basis. County infrastructure maintenance is also an essential component to creating high quality places and maintaining the county’s overall livability.

Performance Measure: Estimated Annual Maintenance Requirements – measures the estimated annual maintenance investment identified in the county’s capital improvement program.

Data: See chart below.

Interpretation: This data reflects annual maintenance investment estimates identified in the FY 2019 - FY 2023 Capital Improvement Program. Reinvestment in older facilities is necessary to maximize the life of facilities, avoid obsolescence and prevent failure. These projects include a range of infrastructure such as bus shelters, walkways, office buildings, trails, parks, schools, sewer lines, and stormwater management facilities. Maintenance projects include the planned replacement of building subsystems such as roofs, electrical systems, HVAC systems and plumbing, as well as the repair and upgrading of other infrastructure. This data does not include new construction or total facility replacement.

Maintenance projects have long been part of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) but FY 2019 was the first time long term data was presented in a consolidated approach and continued refinement of cost identification may inform future reports. Maintenance components are focused only the greatest known needs. The prioritization may change due to emergencies or unplanned machinery failures. Additionally, capital projects can span multiple fiscal years and so can the costs. The budgets shown are supported by a range of different funding sources and the life cycle costs and the needs served by these projects are different, which limits comparison between projects and categories.

Additionally, this data does not include costs for state maintenance of public roads performed by the Virginia Department of Transportation, or drinking water infrastructure, which is the responsibility of Fairfax Water.

SourceFairfax County Department of Management and Budget

Estimaeted annual maintenance requirements for Fairfax County facilities based on the Capital Improvement Program.

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