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Description: Volunteerism is associated with a number of positive community outcomes. Volunteers are committed to and involved in their communities. Volunteer activities provide opportunities for community members from diverse backgrounds to interact with one another, and to improve their communities.

Performance Measures:

  • Number of individuals registered to support Fairfax County programs and services – number of individuals registered in the Volunteer Management System (VMS).
  • Number of volunteer service hours – number of volunteer service hours recorded in the Volunteer Management System (VMS).
  • Value of volunteer service – estimated value of volunteer service = volunteer hours multiplied by the Independent Sector hourly rate for Virginia.
  • Percent of VMS volunteer survey respondents who felt connected to their communities as a result of volunteering – service quality measure included in annual survey sent through VMS asking volunteers about community engagement as part of data collection for the Human Services Report Card.

Interpretation: Between FY17 and FY18, the number of individuals registered to support Fairfax County programs has increased by 21.8%, value of volunteer service has increased by 14.7%, and the percentage of volunteers who felt more connected to their communities remained the same at 85%. 

Source: Fairfax County Office of Public-Private Partnerships

Chart showing number of people registered to volunteer, value of their time and  percent who feel connected to their communities.

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