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Walkability Score in Activity Centers


Description: The walkability score is a metric that considers access to sidewalks, safe street crossings, and dense, diverse development. When communities are more walkable, they are more vibrant and lively, have less congestion, better health, and often higher levels of social capital/interactions among community residents.

Performance Measure: Average Walk Score of Activity Centers – measures the average walk score of central nodes within all activity centers.  Nodes have been identified by the Department of Planning and Zoning, and were determined to be locations where pedestrian activity should be monitored within each activity center.  Walk scores of 70 or above are considered “very walkable” where most errands can be accomplished on foot. Learn more about the walk score methodology. Provided below is how walk scores are categorized (Walk Score, 2017):

Walks score categories

Data:Walk score map of activity centers in Fairfax County.

Interpretation: This information was collected by the Department of Planning and Zoning (DPZ) in the fall of 2017 and will be maintained and analyzed on an annual basis in order to determine trends and facilitate ideas for improvement.  In the 2018, DPZ staff refined the data collection and analysis methodology in an effort to improve the accuracy of the information that is being presented.   This effort resulted in additional data points were analyzed to obtain an enhanced aggregate for each area.

Source: Fairfax County Department of Planning and Zoning and WalkScore

Chart showing walkability in activity centers.

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