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Search and Print Backflow Assembly Test Report

This Portal is designed to give Business Owners, Property Owners and Contractors the ability to retrieve a pre-populated Backflow Assembly Test Report which includes the Backflow Assembly information currently on file with Fairfax County.

Cross Connection Records are kept individually by unique address. If you are responsible for the maintenance or testing of a given Property, Community or Group of Addresses. Please ensure you search for the Test Report for each address.

If the word “YES” appears in the “Assoc. Permits” column of the record you are searching for, click on the link labeled “View All Permits”. This will display a list of additional addresses and Test Reports which are associated with the record you are attempting to access. The additional Test Reports listed are likely due at the same time.

If your search returns no result or you are unable to locate the Test Report you are looking for please contact us at
703.631.5101, TTY 71