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Business Readiness

"Up to 40% of businesses affected by a natural or man-made disaster never reopen," according to the Insurance Institute. Determining how your business and your employees will recover from an emergency is a vital step in ensuring your continuity.

If employees are not prepared, they stay home, which hinders your business' ability to stay in business.


Steps to Ensuring Your Business is Prepared

Ensuring that your business is prepared for an emergency or a disaster is vital to your business' success.  Utilizing the twelve steps below will help you create a plan, ensure safety of your clients and employees, and find gaps within your current models.

  1. Identify alternative locations - pre-plan to move your operations to another location, that has already been reviewed and approved, if your original location is not accessible due to a disaster.
  2. Build a cross-functional team - start by identifying a Primary Crisis Manager and then build out an Emergency Planning Team. 
  3. Identify critical operations - create a prioritized list of your critical operations, staff, and procedures that you need to recover from a disaster.
  4. Create an action plan - use our Business Preparedness Plan template to help you stay in business after the emergency occurs.
  5. Train your staff - ensure your staff know the plan and are trained on their role before, during, and after a disaster. 
  6. Maintain and fine tune through exercises - put your plan into action with an exercise to see where tweaks need to be made so it's operational.
  7. Don’t forget your supply chain - ensure you know where you will be able to obtain supplies and materials with a list of suppliers before, during and while recovering from an emergency to get back to business faster.
  8. Protect your operations with cyber security - include in your planning to protect your computer hardware, software, and what to do if computers are destroyed by a disaster.



Business Preparedness Planning

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