Energy Action Fairfax

Energy Action Fairfax is the county's energy education and outreach program. Many county residents spend over $200 dollars each month in home energy costs. Each step you take to become more energy efficient will reduce your energy use . . . and your costs.

LED Lightbulb Exchanges

For the second spring in a row, Energy Action Fairfax is giving out free LEDs and informational materials at libraries around the county.


Solarize Fairfax County 2019 is April 16th to June 14th. Don't miss out on free assessments, discounted prices, vetted contractors, and technical assistance!

Energy Saving Tips

Low/no-cost tips for lighting, electronics, appliances, hot water, heating, cooling, air leaks, and insulation.

Thermal Camera Loan Program

Fairfax County residents can reserve thermal cameras from any branch of the Fairfax County Public Library. Thermal cameras identify hot and cold spots, which can lead to energy saving project opportunities.

Home Energy Assessments

Home energy assessments identify problem areas and recommend improvements so you can save energy and money on your utility bills month after month.

Events & Success Stories in Your Community

Energy Action Fairfax offers free presentations and educational home assessments.

Resources & Videos

Get more energy saving tips, plus learn about financial and educational resources that are available.

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Energy Action Fairfax brings neighbors together to save energy.
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