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Kambiz Agazi,

Focus Groups

At the outset of the Community-wide Energy and Climate Action Plan development process, each of the nine districts in Fairfax County was represented by a Focus Group composed of community members nominated by their Supervisors who demonstrated interest in energy and climate issues. These Focus Groups supported the development process by commenting on materials and proposals and providing input on behalf of their communities.

The Focus Groups met in person to kick off the process in early January 2020. Following the initial kickoff meetings, each Focus Group determined their preferred method of operation, with possibilities ranging from entirely virtual meetings or a hybrid approach that includes a mixture of virtual activity and in-person meetings, to entirely in-person meetings. Specific information about the virtual, hybrid and in-person group operating models can be found here.

Available meeting information and materials from each Focus Group are posted below. As of October 2020, the Focus Groups were dissolved in favor of creating a single CECAP Working Group. More information on the Working Group can be found here.

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