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Celebrate Energy Efficiency Day and Energy Action Month 2020

Each year in October, we celebrate Energy Action Month and Energy Efficiency Day. These national awareness campaigns remind us of the awesome power of our choices to save energy and money, and to cut down on pollution and carbon emissions. Here in Fairfax County, the Board of Supervisors has officially proclaimed October 7 as Energy Efficiency Day, joining 734 other local governments, universities, corporations, organizations, and utilities nationwide. With this proclamation, the Board encourages all county residents, workers, and visitors to take action to save energy.

All month long, the Fairfax community will embrace energy-saving tips and tricks, because we know that every action counts. Studies show that, since 1990, savings from energy efficiency gains have negated the need to build more than 300 large power plants nationwide. This has saved Americans more than $790 billion.

Energy saving measures come in all shapes and sizes, from the individual, daily decision to turn off the lights when you leave a room, to large-scale efficiency upgrades to corporate and government campuses. To mark Energy Efficiency Day 2020, here’s a brief tour of some of the actions Fairfax County is taking to reduce energy use from government operations, and of some ways you can take action at home.

What Is Fairfax County Doing?

Retrofitting lighting in county government buildings, including libraries, police stations, community centers, to LED.

Using motion sensors to automatically turn off lighting when people are not present in certain county facilities.

Replacing thousands of county streetlights with LEDs.

Monitoring, analyzing, and evaluating energy use in county buildings and making building improvements to improve energy performance.

What Can You Do?

Replace your home lightbulbs with LEDs. These bulbs are far more efficient than their counterparts, incandescents and CFLs. More light for your buck, quite literally.

Keep your HVAC system humming smoothly. Get a seasonal tune up and ensure your filters are clean and clear ever 2-6 months for optimal heating or cooling performance and energy use.

Turn off and/or unplug devices you’re not using. Simple. Easy. Effective.

Go with ENERGY STAR appliances. If you’re in the market for a new fridge, washing machine, or other major household appliance, look for the ENERGY STAR label to ensure you’re getting the most energy efficient model.

Throughout October, follow along on Twitter @ffxgreen or on the Fairfax County Climate & Energy Facebook page for more energy saving tips.

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