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Kambiz Agazi,

HomeWise Monthly Update: January 2022

The HomeWise program has hit the ground running in 2022! The program was pleased to welcome six new volunteers at the start of the year. These new additions to our volunteer corps have been undergoing the official HomeWise onboarding process since their acceptance into the program, including background checks and a variety of other administrative tasks. During the week of January 17, the new volunteers met with program staff for a virtual orientation session and officially kicked off their training.

Initial HomeWise volunteer training lasts 10 weeks and includes reading materials, videos, and quizzes to help new volunteers prepare to engage with county residents around topics such as sealing air leaks, finding and dealing with energy vampires, and more. A rundown of the 2022 HomeWise new volunteer training schedule is included below:

January 17 – 23: New volunteer orientation and training kickoff

January 24 - 30: Big picture concepts on energy efficiency and conservation

January 31 - February 6: Big picture concepts on water efficiency and conservation

February 7 - 13: Energy vampires

February 14 - 20: Showerheads, faucets, and toilets

February 28 – March 6: Lightbulbs

March 7 - 13: Sealing air leaks

March 14 – 20: Indoor environmental quality

March 21 – 27: Review week/guest speaker

March 29 – April 15: Hands-on training

The first class of HomeWise volunteers, who already have one year of volunteer service under their belts, will meet on the evening of January 25 for a 2022 kickoff. This class of volunteers will be treated to a two-week enrichment period in February focused on identifying behaviors that increase energy and water use, breaking old habits, and forming new, long-lasting habits. This training will supplement their year one technical and environmental training.


The next phase of HomeWise community engagement is about to get underway. The class of fully trained volunteers will launch a series of webinars and “ask the volunteer” sessions in February. These sessions will help fulfill the program’s purpose of reaching low- and moderate-income Fairfax County residents with high-quality information and a chance to ask questions, while safeguarding the health of all participants. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming HomeWise events!

Fairfax Virtual Assistant