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Fairfax Green Initiatives Renewable Energy Action Items

Within the Fairfax Green Initiatives #1 and Fairfax Green Initiatives #2 matrices there are several action items related to renewable energy. These items are summarized below. This information will be updated periodically and the date of the most recent update will be noted for reference.

Locally Generated Energy

Summary: The Environmental Committee will discuss setting a goal that by 2025, locally generated energy (like solar) would offset county government energy use.

Location in Matrix: Fairfax Green Initiatives #1, 4c

Lead Department (Partners): Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, Department of Planning and Development, Facilities Management Division, Fairfax County Park Authority, the Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination, and Government Relations

Action To Date: The 2021 update to the Operational Energy Strategy includes a target to produce 25% of county electricity from renewable energy by 2030, and 50% by 2040, using FY 2018 energy use as the baseline.

To implement renewable energy targets in the Operational Energy Strategy and Sustainable Development Policy, the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES) is incorporating solar PV in new Capital Building projects to offset energy usage and meet Net Zero Energy standards. Several agencies are also working with the County’s solar power purchase agreement (PPA) service providers to install rooftop and canopy-mounted solar installations at County facilities. DPWES continues to evaluate off-site renewable energy credits to offset the energy usage.

To address barriers to renewable energy generation, the County has had a longstanding position in the legislative program in support of removing barriers to net metering for municipalities, including eliminating restrictions on the use of PPAs. This will continue to be an issue in the 2022 General Assembly.

Status: Complete

Solar Public-Private Partnership Agreement

Summary: The County Executive will report to the Board of Supervisors on a solar public-private partnership agreement.

Location in Matrix: Fairfax Green Initiatives #1, 6b

Lead Department (Partners): Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination

Action To Date: In December 2019, the County announced contracts with multiple solar power purchase agreement (PPA) service providers. Solar PPA projects are being implemented at sites throughout the County.

Status: Complete

Community Solar and Geothermal Systems

Summary: Analyze requirements and impediments for new commercial construction and incentives for new residential construction to incorporate community solar and/or geothermal systems in project planning.

Location in Matrix: Fairfax Green Initiatives #2, 6c

Lead Department (Partners): Department of Planning and Development, Land Development Services, (Office of the County Attorney)

Action To Date: Solar Power Facilities and Solar Collection Facilities are new uses proposed as part of the Zoning Ordinance Modernization (zMOD) to more readily incorporate solar projects into county and other community facilities, commercial construction projects and individual residential sites.

The County has processes in place to expedite reviews for solar and geothermal systems and permitting costs are waived for residential and commercial solar systems. Land Development Services (LDS) recently developed a geothermal publication, providing guidance on permitting and review processes for customers. This is similar to guidance LDS offers for residential solar customers. LDS will incorporate these materials into future outreach opportunities.

Status: Complete

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