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Kambiz Agazi,

Herndon Monroe Park & Ride

The Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride is located between the Dulles Toll Road and Sunrise Valley Drive in Herndon. It features 1,745 free parking spaces, a covered parking garage, a kiss & ride/slug line lot, access to various Fairfax Connector routes, and a Connector Store.

In 2015, Fairfax County completed a lighting retrofit at the Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride garage. Instead of just replacing the fixtures one-for-one, the entire system was redesigned to maximize energy savings and improve light distribution. Over 600 metal halide lights were removed and replaced with less than 500 LEDs.

LEDs, or light emitting diodes, use about one third the energy of metal halides. The Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride project achieved additional savings with daylighting, occupancy, and bi-level controls that were integrated into most of the fixtures. Daylighting controls turn lights off when outdoor light levels are adequate, and occupancy sensors turn lights off when no one is present. The bi-level feature enables lights to be dimmed to 50% rather than completely turned off in areas where safety is a concern.

The graph below shows monthly electricity use for one year before and after the project. July of 2015 is highlighted in yellow to identify when the retrofit was performed. As the graph shows, the Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride uses about 75% less electricity than it did before the retrofit. LEDs achieve additional savings from maintenance costs, since LEDs are typically rated to last 100,000 hours (about 7 times longer than metal halides).

Graph of Herndon Monroe Park & Ride Electricity Use

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