Home Energy Savings

Fairfax County offers residents a multitude of resources and opportunities to save energy, water, and money at home. With two robust residential programs, Energy Action Fairfax and the Fairfax County HomeWise Program, the Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination works to meet residents wherever they are in their energy-saving journey.

Energy Action Fairfax is dedicated to providing county residents with information, resources, and assistance to encourage energy-saving behavior at home.

The HomeWise Program educates, empowers, and enables low- and moderate-income residents to make changes that reduce energy use, water use, and associated costs in their homes.

Home energy and water savings can equate to real, noticeable monetary savings, and can help Fairfax County meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals. Making good choices about resource use at home is a vital first step toward improving our overall sustainability as a community.

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