Resilient Fairfax Climate Projections

A foundational component of planning for climate adaptation and resilience is understanding the projected climate impacts for our area. In February 2022, the Resilient Fairfax team issued a comprehensive climate projections report which was supplemented by a report from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) DEVELOP National Program entitled "Identifying Urban Heat Mitigation Strategies for Climate Adaptation Planning in Fairfax County, Virginia." Information on the findings of these two reports is available below.

Five images of various weather conditions

Climate Projections Overview

The Resilient Fairfax Climate Projections Report addresses two major questions: how has the climate changed? And, what will the future climate look like? The report digs into available data and climate models to help provide answers to questions like...

  • Will there be changes in temperature?
  • Will there be changes in storm severity?
  • Will there be changes in precipitation and intensity of rain events?
  • Will there be coastal flooding?
  • Will there be drought?

Key Findings

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