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Oriane Eriksen,

Volunteer with the On-Call Child Care & Special Events Program

What is the On-Call On-Call Child Care & Special Events Program?

The VPS On-Call Child Care & Special Events Program was developed to accommodate volunteers with limited availability. On-Call opportunities include child care, photography, making baby boxes and other projects that are requested by the Children, Youth and Families Division of the Department of Family Services. Interested community members are encouraged to call 703-324-7753 and inquire how their special skills and interests could benefit a family in need today.

How Does the Program Work?

Once they have completed the screening and approval process, On-Call Child Care & Special Events volunteers are asked to commit to supporting 12 events throughout the year. They will receive periodic emails about different volunteer opportunities that are available for them to participate. Volunteers can sign up for events, when they are available.

Events/projects may include:

  • Event support.
  • Set-up/clean-up.
  • Registering guests.
  • Taking photos.
  • Creating and attending to guest.
  • Creating flyers, packets or other needed materials.

Volunteer professional skills or personal hobbies:

  • Photography.
  • Face painting.
  • DJ an event.
  • Dancing.

Child Care:

Most of the requests that VPS receives are for child care support. Child care is provided at the four county offices, the court house, or other professional sites. Volunteer child care supports families who need to attend Family Partnership Meetings, Service Planning Meetings, court hearings, or other important meetings. Child care may be needed from two - eight hours depending on the needs of the family.

Other volunteer opportunities may be available.

How Can You Help?

If you would like to make a difference, and this program sounds like a good fit, contact Arrika Freeman by email or call 703-324-7871 to learn more about the requirements.

As part of the interview process, each volunteer's, interests and skills are assessed. This information helps the program to match volunteers with opportunities, projects and events that are suitable and ultimately supports the mission of the program and the Children, Youth and Families Division. On-Call Child Care & Special Events volunteers are asked to commit to volunteer for one year or 12 events.

Learn more about the application process and criteria for becoming a volunteer with the On-Call Child Care & Special Events Program. Apply to volunteer today!

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