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Study Buddy Program Partners with Homework Helpers Organization (H2Org)

Meet members of the Homework Helpers Organization (H2Org).

Arya Adake

Arya AdakeArya is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology with a passion for neuroscience and teaching. She was a middle school tutor with Homework Helpers, where her experience tutoring one of the only kindergarteners in the program inspired her to continue her journey. She looks at each tutoring session as an opportunity to build a connection with a tutee and spark enthusiasm for learning within each child. Arya also believes that she can learn from every tutee and uses constructive feedback and positive reinforcement while teaching to make the experience more fulfilling for both tutor and tutee. She is interested in studying neuroscience in the future and is especially fascinated by neuropsychology and how it can influence learning. Outside of the classroom, Arya can be found practicing dance, reading classic novels, or writing. She has published a book of original poetry and continually seeks inspiration in the world around her.

Lucy Alejandro

Lucy AlejandroLucy is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. A former tutor for Homework Helpers while in middle school, she was inspired by her tutee’s growth to continue tutoring throughout high school. Lucy remembers how frustrating school can be, whether it is understanding the homework or managing time, so she loves any opportunity to be a mentor. She is deeply invested in several school-related tutoring and mentoring programs, and she is now excited to join the Study Buddy Program. In her free time, she loves to experiment in the kitchen (and blog about it) and play tennis. In addition to her STEM background, she enjoys improving her writing and public speaking skills and has taken a recent liking to historical nonfiction books. 

Varun Asuri

Varun AsuriVarun is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. He is interested in coding, math and sports. He wants to major in computer science in college. Varun started tutoring kids through the Homework Helpers Organization in middle school and continued to help children at the Mott Community Center in their summer camp program. Also, Varun volunteers on the weekends tutoring students learning the South-Indian language Tamil through a language school. He feels that helping and mentoring kids is a great experience that leads to very positive feelings. Varun will continue to involve himself in tutoring through similar programs as long as he can.

Nathaniel Casotti

Nathaniel CasottiNathaniel is a junior at Chantilly High School. His favorite subjects are science, math and English. Nathaniel has been on the debate team since the seventh grade; he enjoys researching the various topics and improving his public speaking skills. He recently became a member of the Chantilly Writing Center. For fun he enjoys reading, board games and playing the piano. Nathaniel joined Homework Helpers in the seventh grade, tutoring elementary school children on a weekly basis. He feels the Homework Helpers organization provides mutual growth for both the members as well as those they are helping. Nathaniel is excited to help promote the benefits of this organization to other schools in the county, as well as serve as a tutor for the Study Buddy program.

Medha Gaddam

Medha GaddamMedha is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Her favorite subject is biology. In her free time, she loves to play with her dog, read, sing and dance. Her journey with Homework Helpers started in seventh grade, when she tutored elementary school children. She found the program to be a great means to help children become more engaged academically and succeed at school. Growing up surrounded by positive role models and many opportunities, Medha strongly believes in the importance of education for all children. Now, she is working to establish Homework Helpers in more schools while she is continuing to tutor through Study Buddy. She is looking forward to expanding the program and making a difference in the community.

Kaavya Karthikeyan

Kaavya KarthikeyanKaavya is a Sophomore at Chantilly High School. She was in Homework Helpers during her time at Rocky Run Middle School as well. She has many passions, including dancing, singing, and playing tennis. She loves to help out in her community, so she teaches young children to dance in her dance studio. She has a lot of experience handling kids and helping them understand any kind of content. She is aware of how tough it can be to understand teachers sometimes, so she is more than happy to help students with anything they need. This year is her first year with the Study Buddy program, and she is so excited to start this journey. 

Esha Khator

Esha KhatorEsha Khator is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. She joined the Homework Helpers Organization in 2018. Esha has always loved working with young children and enjoyed the special feeling of being a role model to her tutees. Esha says she understand frustrations tutees might feel when learning new concepts, because she also struggled a lot with subjects like math and writing in elementary and middle school. Now that she has improved, she wants to help others improve and show them that it is possible to get better. In her spare time Esha likes to read, write, draw and paint. She joined the Homework Helpers Organization last year and hopes to keep promoting this wonderful program to even more schools.

Kyra Kishore

Kyra Kishore  Kyra is a Sophomore at Centreville High School in Clifton. She started tutoring younger students through Homework Helpers when she was in seventh grade. Kyra has several years of experience as a volunteer teacher with children at her dance school, and she loves it. Sometimes children need to take time to understand the concepts, and it helps them to have another perspective in their learning. Kyra can understand the students’ needs and talk them through difficult problems. She is excited for her first year with the Study Buddy program.

Siddharth Krishnan

Siddharth KrishnanSidd is a rising junior currently attending Chantilly High School. In his free time, Sidd enjoys studying biology, practicing basketball, and most of all watching Netflix. Furthermore, he also participates in Model UN and Science Olympiad at school. Sidd joined Homework Helpers in seventh grade and tutored students at Brookfield Elementary School once a week. He went on to do this for the remainder of middle school and joined the Homework Helpers organization at the start of high school. Sidd knows what it is like to have mentors and tutors and wants to give back to the community by being part of this organization. Currently, Sidd is working with the Homework Helpers team tutoring students through the Study Buddy program. Sidd is very excited about the opportunity to make a difference in these children's lives.

Aryan Kumawat

Aryan KumawatAryan is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. His favorite subjects are robotics and computer science. Outside of school, he enjoys playing basketball, working on computer programs, going to Model UN tournaments and reading about politics. He joined Homework Helpers in seventh grade and has continued it ever since. He loves to help others in any way, and now he is excited to become a part of the Study Buddy program.

Aashray Manchanda

Aashray ManchandaAashray is a senior at Fairfax High School. He first began serving as a peer tutor for the Homework Helpers Organization in 7th grade. Since then, he has continued to tutor students at his school in a variety of subjects. Aashray is a budding engineer who enjoys making things in his free time. He plays the piano and is the captain of his robotics team. He also has a huge passion for helping others. Aashray especially enjoys teaching math and science, and is a huge advocate for STEM. He has become the COO of the Homework Helpers Organization, and finds Study Buddy to be another avenue through which he can help others succeed. 

Sachith Mankala

Sachith MankalaSachith is a sophomore at Fairfax High School. Sachith began tutoring with the Homework Helpers in the 7th grade at Rocky Run Middle School. He has tutored in multiple subjects and enjoys helping others through tutoring. In his free time, you can either catch him playing football or basketball. Other than sports, Sachith has been playing the cello since 4th grade and continues to do so at Fairfax High School. Sachith is a high advocate for STEM, basing all his classes around it in high school, he has high respect for the field. Sachith hopes to grow as an individual through volunteering with the Homework Helpers, and he plans to continue to tutor for many more years.

Simar Narula

Simar NarulaSimar is a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. While in middle school, Simar joined the Homework Helpers tutoring program where she loved working with tutees from different schools. As a strong advocate for STEM, she has loved dedicating her time to helping others learn about subjects like science and math. She loves helping out her in her community by mentoring kids in elementary and middle school, assisting the elderly at her temple, and volunteering her time at various different organizations. In her free time, Simar loves playing competitive basketball, writing, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Simar is excited to work with others and help them succeed through the Study Buddy program.

Arjun Rajan

Arjun RajanArjun is an eleventh grader at Chantilly High School. His favorite subjects are English, science, and math. English is a main interest for him. He loves writing and reading and recommending books to others. He has been a part of the Student Government Association as a class representative at Chantilly since freshman year and loves getting involved with the community. He recently joined the board of the Young Democrats Club. For fun he loves to listen to music, read, and hang out with his friends. He also loves to watch TV, and his favorite show is The Office. Arjun has been a part of Homework Helpers since the 7th grade, helping and tutoring kids from the elementary schools nearby. He works with fellow members to expand Homework Helpers as an organization and take it to greater lengths in the future. He strongly believes in making sure that no child is left behind and part of that is making sure that all children get the help they need.

Rhea Rajeev

Rhea RajeevRhea is a junior at Chantilly High School. She has been a volunteer with Homework Helpers since eighth grade at Rocky Run Middle School. She loves to volunteer in her community and learn new skills such as photography and coding. Rhea has a huge passion for tutoring. She finds it rewarding to share knowledge with children as a means to better their education and improve their skills. She is great with kids and believes that important life skills can be taught through tutoring. She understands the difficulties students endure when it comes to communicating with teachers and grasping subjects, and hopes to help in those situations. This is her first year with Study Buddy, and she is so excited to be a part of this wonderful organization. 

Kunsh Singh

Kunsh SinghKunsh is a senior at Chantilly High School. In his free time, he enjoys coding and making music. In addition, he also participates in the marching band and drumline. Kunsh joined Homework Helpers in eighth grade, tutoring students twice a week. He enjoys tutoring because he is learning management and teaching skills, while also getting to help students improve their academic and literary skills. He cherishes the opportunity to see the growing intelligence in the younger students he tutors. Kunsh believes that Homework Helpers delivers a solid tutoring experience for both tutors and tutees, impacting them both equally. Additionally, Study Buddy is great program that effectively connects tutors and tutees, and it enriches many of their skills.

Shivangi Singh

Shivangi SinghShivangi is currently a junior at Fairfax High School. She enjoys painting, volleyball, dancing, and being a part of numerous clubs that encourage volunteering. As an aspiring cardiologist, Shivangi looks for inspiration everywhere around her on how to improve in skills needed in the field. These skills include communication, management, leadership, and problem-solving abilities. She was a part of the Homework Helpers Organization in Middle School, and continued tutoring high school students in math and science. She rejoined Homework Helpers towards the end of her sophomore year and has enjoyed the program ever since. Shivangi is passionate about helping others and has even volunteered as a volleyball coach. Throughout her volunteering experiences, she found that helping students exceed their own expectations academically and on the court is something she loves. Each subject has unique and interesting qualities, and tutoring allows her to spark a student’s interest in any subject, no matter how they felt about it before. Shivangi particularly loves her role as a tutor for Homework Helpers because each session brings a new experience that benefits both the tutor and tutee. Whether it is a new tutee encountered, a new subject taught, or a different teaching method used, Shivangi feels as though she benefits just as much as the tutee. She hopes to continue learning and teaching through the Homework Helpers Organization and Study Buddies.

Sanjana Subbanna

Sanjana SubbannaSanjana is a junior at Chantilly High School. Her passion for tutoring started at a young age, and joining Homework Helpers in seventh grade helped her further explore a love for teaching. Sanjana is part of Homework Helpers’ effort to help spread the program to schools across Fairfax County. She has played volleyball for six years and was able to coach. This experience gave her a new insight into teaching. Sanjana believes that tutoring is a very valuable and rewarding experience that and can help better a community. She is excited to be part of the Study Buddy program because of the new impact she will create in my community.

Akanksha Tibrewala

Akanksha TibrewalaAkanksha is a sophomore at Chantilly High School in Fairfax, VA. She loves to play basketball, dance, and hang out with her friends. Her favorite subject is science, and she wants to major in biology in college. Akanksha entered Homework Helpers in seventh grade at her middle school, Rocky Run. There, she tutored elementary school kids in any subject they needed. She wanted to join this program to help kids do better in school and to give back to the community because she loves the feeling of when a tutee says, “I finally understand!” Akanksha says that this program is not only a learning experience for the tutees but also for her. She learns so much from the tutoring session such as different ways of teaching a concept and patience. Akanksha is continuing to help in the program through Study Buddy and promoting this wonderful organization!

Siddharth Tibrewala

Siddharth TibrewalaSiddharth is a junior at Chantilly High School. He likes to study math and science. He also enjoys participating in extracurricular clubs related to technology and robotics. In his free time, he likes to play basketball, chess and games on the PS4. Siddharth joined the Homework Helpers club because he always had fun tutoring people, especially his sister. Once he saw a greater opportunity in seventh grade, he decided to tutor other children in need. For this reason, he also decided to join the Study Buddy program.

Gurinder Vasanta

Gurinder VasantaGurinder is a junior at Chantilly High School. He plays the piano and basketball, and he is really involved in robotics and other STEM activities. He has been part of the Homework Helpers organization since he was in seventh grade when he first started tutoring elementary school students at his middle school. As a high schooler Gurinder saw greater opportunity to do more for the Homework Helpers program through taking on more responsibilities outside of tutoring.

Nikitha Yemisetty

Nikitha YemisettyNikitha is a senior at W.T. Woodson High School. She volunteered with the Homework Helpers program in seventh and eighth grade. Now in high school, she is excited to help spread the Homework Helpers program to other schools. Nikitha’s favorite subjects in school are math and science, particularly algebra and biology. Tutoring others through Homework Helpers has been a boost to her confidence and overall understanding of the subjects she teaches. Nikitha enjoys working with children, and she is excited to be a part of the Study Buddy program and give back to her community by helping tutees learn. In her free time, Nikitha likes to read, watch Hindi movies, and dance. She has been training in classical Indian dance since she was 6 years old, and she has traveled for numerous competitions in places such as Maryland and Ohio. Nikitha was honored to travel to India to perform, as requested by the Indian government. The five-day trip through South India included performances in temples for religious festivals.

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