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News - New Video Provides Child's Eye View of Nature

See how families can connect children to the natural environment

Fairfax, VA - A new video, "Connecting with Nature: Exploring the Natural Environment with Young Children," highlights ways that young children and families can enjoy nature together in Fairfax County. The video, filmed at Hidden Oaks Nature Center, features a naturalist taking families on a nature walk. She introduces young children to living creatures including a resident box turtle, beetles living under a log, and other experiences designed to help them and their families learn more about the world in which we live.

"Young children learn best through hands-on learning opportunities," said Fairfax County Office for Children Director Anne-Marie Twohie. "We were delighted to partner with Fairfax Futures and Fairfax County Park Authority on this useful resource intended to encourage shared family experiences that build awareness and appreciation of our county's natural environment."

Produced by the Teaching Channel, the video was made possible through a grant from Dominion Energy to Fairfax Futures and was created in collaboration with Fairfax County Office for Children and Fairfax County Park Authority's Hidden Oaks Nature Center.

"Nature centers offer a wonderful place for families to introduce their young children to nature's beauty and to the role they play in protecting it for future generations," said Suzanne Holland, director of Hidden Oaks Nature Center.

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