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Trina Mayhan-Webb,
Division Director

Fairfax Area Commission on Aging Meeting Minutes - January 2018


Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Mason Governmental Center, Main Conference Room
6507 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003


Commissioners Present
Carolyn Sutterfield (Vice Chair), Tom Bash, Sharron Dreyer, Joe Heastie, Steve Gurney, Kathy Hoyt, Cathy Muha, Mike Perel

Commissioners Absent
Kay Larmer (Chair), Cathy Cole, Patrick Sprouse

Staff Present
Trina Mayhan-Webb, Jacquie Woodruff, Fatmata Mustapha

Others Present
Supervisor Penny Gross, Mason District Supervisor, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors; Mary Carroll, Resident; Hattiejane Darracott, Resident; Rick Daniels, LLI/NOVA (Lifelong Learning Institute); Adele Lynn, Resident; Mary Belanich, Goodwin House at Home; Audrey Morton, Fairfax County Human Services Council; Samantha Schaffer, Dulles Health & Rehab; Paul Wexler, Service Source Inc.; Patricia Rohrer, Fairfax County Health Department; Alison Ross-Tompkins, The Fairfax at Belvoir Woods

Call to Order; Additions to Agenda; Approval of the Agenda; Approval of the Minutes
Vice Chair Carolyn Sutterfield called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. She welcomed guests and asked them to introduce themselves.

Carolyn reported that Regina Coyle offered her apologies for not being able to be present at the meeting. Sharron motioned that the modified agenda be approved. Joe seconded. Tom motioned that the minutes be approved. Sharron seconded.

Public Comment
No public comment.

Supervisor Penny Gross welcomed the COA and guests to Mason District. She commended the COA for rotating meetings across magisterial districts. Supervisor Gross stated that she and the BOS rely on the COA to recommend policies and procedures related to older adults. Land use discussions often include older adult housing considerations. Supervisor Gross thanked the COA for their work on the 50+ Community Action Plan. She stated that she looks forward to the success of the Silver Shield scam awareness and prevention campaign.

Old Business
Steve led the 50+ Community Action Plan strategizing discussion. The BOS told the COA that the bones of the 50+ Community Action Plan are good, but asked for a few additions and updates. In order to stimulate brainstorming discussion, commissioners reviewed the following best practice initiatives from their research.

Services for Older Adults and Family Caregivers (Outreach and Awareness)

  • National Council on Aging's Aging Mastery Program
  • Campaign to End Loneliness (Elder Orphans)

Community Engagement (Community Connections/Opportunities for Active Involvement by Older Adults)

  • Bring "Gatekeeper" Initiative to Fairfax: training business employees to recognize when an older person may need assistance. A project of
  • Dementia-Friendly Fairfax (Herndon program)
  • Age-Friendly Certification (also under "Livable Communities")

Healthy Community

  • Reduce Opioid Abuse and Misuse
  • National Healthcare Decisions Day
  • Palliative Care and End of Life Outreach
  • Senior Hunger Initiative


  • Exploitation Prevention
  • Age-Friendly and Walkable Audits
  • Pre-notification 911 (also listed under Technology)


  • Helping older drivers stay safe when buying a vehicle
  • Innovative Technology into Transportation Services (TNCs)


  • Home Sharing Best Practices
  • Best Practices for Universal Design (universal design, visitability, livability)


  • Develop Voice Assistants for access to help for caregivers
  • Pre-Notification 911 (also under "Safety")


  • Generations of Hope (Inspired by Supervisor Hudgins's suggestion for intergenerational opportunities)
  • Genesis (Intergenerational housing in Washington, DC)
  • Cycling Without Age
  • Best Intergenerational Community Award

Livable Community

  • AARP Livability Index
  • Review 2013 Workgroup Recommendations
  • World Health Organization's Age-Friendly Certification (Also under "Community Engagement")
  • Age-Friendly and Walkable Audits (Also under "Safety")

Tom provided an update about the older adults webpage. At the December COA meeting, the COA voted to send a letter to the Office of Public Affairs addressing concerns about the new county webpage. Tom met with Adult and Aging Communications Manager Grace Lynch. Grace advised that the COA not send the letter, but rather work through Grace to request desired changes.

New Business
The new County Executive will present the FY 2019 Advertised Budget on February 20. The COA will testify at the BOS Public Budget Hearing on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, Slots #1, 2, and 3.

In response to earlier discussion about ageism in society and media, Mike spoke with Grace Lynch about writing a series of Golden Gazette articles highlighting positive contributions of older adults. Mike will email the COA to stimulate ideas for this project.

Sharron motioned that the meeting be adjourned. Kathy Hoyt seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 3 p.m.

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