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Fairfax Area Commission on Aging Meeting Minutes - June 2018


Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Kings Park Library, Meeting Room
9002 Burke Lake Road, Burke, VA 22015


Commissioners Present
Kay Larmer (Chair), Carolyn Sutterfield (Vice Chair), Cathy Cole, Sharron Dreyer, Joe Heastie, Kathy Hoyt, Mike Perel, Patrick Sprouse

Commissioners Absent
Tom Bash, Cathy Muha

Staff Present
Trina Mayhan-Webb, Jacquie Woodruff, Fatmata Mustapha

Others Present
Tisha Deeghan, Deputy County Executive for Health and Human Services; Linda Bufano, Board of Supervisors, Office of Supervisor Cook; Nannette Bowler, Director, Department of Family Services; Linda Hernandez-Giblin, Fairfax Area Agency on Aging; Evan Braff, Department of Neighborhood and Community Services; Patricia Rohrer, Health Department; Audrey Moore, Human Services Council; Bob Eiffert, Alexandria Commission on Aging; Sara Pappa, Marymount University/Northern Virginia Falls Prevention Alliance; Bonnie O'Leary, Northern Virginia Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons; Trudy Marotta, AARP Virginia; Rick Daniels, LLI/NOVA; Cathy Becker, LLI/NOVA; Paul Wexler, ServiceSource; Barbara Holleb, Eldercare Advisor; Blanca Calvi, Virginia Hospital Center; Cissy Nickel, Hunters Woods at Trails Edge; Barbara Berger, Resident; Lucy Davis, Resident; Doris Olofson, Resident; Steve Quick, Resident

Call to Order; Introductions; Additions to Agenda; Approval of the Agenda; Approval of the Minutes
Chair Kay Larmer called the meeting to order at 1 p.m. Kay welcomed Tisha Deeghan and the members of the public. Commissioners introduced themselves and shared about their background and interests. Mike stated that Dranesville has the highest population of older adults, and Braddock has the second highest population of older adults in Fairfax County.

Kay invited members of the public to introduce themselves.

Sharron motioned that the agenda be accepted. Kathy Hoyt seconded. Carolyn motioned that the minutes be accepted. Mike seconded.

Public Comment
No public comment.

COA Discussion with Tisha Deeghan, Deputy County Executive for Health and Human Services
Joe led the COA discussion with Tisha Deeghan with a review of the 50+ Plan history. In 2007, Supervisor Dana Kaufman and the BOS worked with AAA Director Grace Starbird and the COA to develop the first BOS 50+ Plan. In recognition of the imminent explosion in the older adult population growth, the BOS formed the Committee on Aging. Lee District Supervisor Dana Kaufman chaired the committee.

The BOS, COA, and AAA worked together to develop the first 50+ Plan with a focus on aging-related initiatives across all Fairfax County departments. The BOS tasked the AAA with the design of tasks and measurement criteria within the 50+ Plan, and asked the COA to oversee the Plan and to present the BOS with an annual 50+ Plan Scorecard.

After the COA reported the successful implementation of the 2007 50+ Plan, the AAA and COA began work on the next Plan iteration. Under Chairman Bulova, Supervisor Herrity was appointed Chair of the BOS 50+ Committee. Supervisor Herrity and COA Chair Tena Bluhm agreed that the second iteration of the 50+ Plan should move beyond the work of government agencies to a focus on government and community working together. The AAA organized a series of 15 community forums, co-hosted by the BOS and COA. Approximately 800 residents provided input at these forums. The COA worked with Supervisor Herrity and a steering committee to develop 31 initiatives, each with a Community Champion, a COA Advocate, and an AAA liaison.

Carolyn provided an update on the current 31 initiatives in the 50+ Community Action Plan. Many of the initiatives are now operational. Those without champions or needed funding have not been fully implemented. Although transportation and housing challenges remain, the Department of Planning and Zoning is developing zoning amendments to address some older adult housing issues. At the request of the BOS, the COA has been strategizing about the next iteration of the 50+ Plan and has reviewed AARP and other resources for national and international best practices. The COA plans to suggest an approach that includes focus groups, key informants, and meeting-in-a-box surveys. Possible initiatives include dementia-friendly communities, intergenerational programs, older adult food insecurity pilot, and end-of-life discussion. Initiatives may also be grouped by age cohorts and specific magisterial considerations.

Patrick provided an overview of the cottage housing ordinance developed in Falls Church. All houses in the project have been sold.

Kay stated that the home sharing guide is now available.

Tisha suggested that a medical transportation partnership with Inova might be explored. Kay stated that attempts had been initiated. Joe has contacts with Inova through his work with the Industrial Development Authority and offered to discuss possibilities in that committee.

Sharron stated geriatric training should be emphasized in schools of nursing. The NVAN legislative platform will include geriatric training as a legislative priority.

Old Business
Mike reported that the Park Authority has purchased the accessible boat launch, but has not yet installed it at Lake Accotink.

Because of Mike's efforts to reduce violations in accessible parking, the COA is now a Friend of the International Parking Institute.

Carolyn attended the Human Services Council meeting. Michael Lane has been appointed Director of the new Office of Strategy Management for Health and Human Services. The Human Services Council is continuing its work on the Innovation Challenge. Economic development and multigenerational approaches to redevelopment of the old Mount Vernon High School area are being explored. Tisha stated that new Health and Human Services Needs Assessment will dovetail with the older adult survey. Carolyn stated that older adult behavioral health isn't listed in the Human Services Resource Plan. Tisha stated that the initial Resource Plan doesn't preclude new initiatives being introduced. A new set of initiatives will match priorities across the Health and Human Services system in Fairfax County.

Cathy Cole reported that the Shark Tank First Place Team has been granted a provisional patent for the product they developed to assist older adults.

Kay reported that GrandInvolve was one of six top contenders for the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce award, but was not selected. GrandInvolve won the Governor's Volunteer Award last year. All Title 1 schools in Mount Vernon now have GrandInvolve volunteers.

Director's Report
Trina reported that the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) administered by ElderLink was recognized at the State's Sustainability Summit. The CDSMP target for program completers for the two-year grant period was 98, yet the program had 107 completers in just one year. Because of this accomplishment, the Fairfax Area Agency on Aging was awarded a bonus of $7,000.

New Business
Kay announced that she will step down as Chair, but will continue to serve on the COA. Carolyn has expressed interest in serving as Chair, and Mike has offered to serve as Vice Chair. Kay asked if any others would like to be considered for the officer slate for the July election. The officer slate for the July election will include Carolyn for Chair and Mike for Vice Chair.

In response to Supervisor Herrity's May 1 Board Matter, county staff will pursue vendor support to conduct a community-wide survey of older adults in Fairfax County. The results will be used in updating the 50+ Community Action Plan and the next iteration of the Health and Human Services Needs Assessment. The survey results will also be useful in the BOS strategic planning effort. Jacquie and Shauna Severo from the Health Department will co-lead the Older Adults Needs Assessment Survey. Carolyn stated that focus groups and the meeting-in-a-box surveys can supplement the needs assessment data.

Kay reported that the Alexandria Commission on Aging invited the Fairfax Area Commission on Aging representatives to discuss the possibility of a joint listening session for residents who live near the border of Alexandria (Mason District) and the City of Alexandria. The City of Alexandria plans to hold listening sessions for input on their Age-Friendly Plan. Kay, Kathy Hoyt, Trina, and Jacquie attended the meeting. Kathy Hoyt stated that the Alexandria COA is addressing issues similar to the Fairfax Area COA's.

Mike is again serving on the JCC Planning Committee for the Healthy Aging Summit at the Government Center next April. He asked for ideas for topics, and keynote, and Commissioners or other speakers to lead workshops.

Sharron reported that the home share situation is going well for her friend in Denver.

Cathy Cole announced that the Northern Virginia Dementia Care Conference will be held on November 12. Kim Campbell, Glen Campbell's wife, will be the keynote speaker. The conference provides information and support for caregivers. The theme will be "Finding Hope and Harmony in Caregiving." A session on music therapy will be offered.

Cathy Cole and Sara Pappa announced that the Northern Virginia Falls Prevention Alliance continues to develop and partner on evidence-based prevention programs across Northern Virginia. Over 200 lay leaders have been trained to deliver the programs. Over 40 programs have been implemented, including in all Fairfax County senior centers.

Sara Pappa reported that, thanks to NVAN, the General Assembly has designated the third week in September Falls Prevention Awareness Week. Delegate Delaney will present the resolution at the July 17 NVAN meeting.

Jacquie reported that every legislative and budget item on the NVAN platform passed into law.

Carolyn reported that she attended Nannette Bowler's DFS Board, Authorities, and Commission meeting. Information from the Frameworks Institute was presented. The material will be forwarded to the COA.

Joe motioned that the meeting be adjourned. Cathy Cole seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 2:31 p.m.

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