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Trina Mayhan-Webb,
Division Director

Fairfax Area Commission on Aging Meeting Minutes - July 2018


Wednesday, July 18, 2018
City of Fairfax - City Hall Annex
Work Session Room 111, A&B
10455 Armstrong Street, Fairfax, VA 22030


Commissioners Present
Kay Larmer (Chair), Carolyn Sutterfield (Vice Chair), Cathy Cole, Sharron Dreyer, Joe Heastie, Kathy Hoyt, Cathy Muha, Mike Perel

Commissioners Absent
Tom Bash, Patrick Sprouse

Staff Present
Trina Mayhan-Webb, Jacquie Woodruff, Fatmata Mustapha

Others Present
Janice Miller, Fairfax City Council; Richard Cramond, Resident; Trudy Marotta, AARP; Diane Boyd, Resident; Nancy Coffey, Department of Family Services – Kinship Family Institute; Rick Daniels, LLI/NOVA; Paul Wexler, ServiceSource; Elissa Clark, Sunrise Senior Living; Mary Belanich, Goodwin House; Kelly Keyes, Comfort Keepers; Kim Karlinchak, Fairfax Area Agency on Aging; Alison Ross Tompkins, Sunrise Senior Living; Sara Mattson, Department of Family Services – Adult and Aging; Audrey Morton, Human Services Council

Call to Order; Introductions; Additions to Agenda; Approval of the Agenda; Approval of the Minutes
Chair Kay Larmer called the meeting to order at 1 p.m. Kay welcomed the members of the public and asked that they introduce themselves.

Carolyn welcomed Fairfax City Council Member Janice Miller.

Mike asked that COA vacancies be added to "New Business." Sharron motioned that the amended agenda be approved. Joe seconded. Sharron motioned that the minutes be approved. Mike seconded.

Public Comment
Rick Daniels announced that Mike Perel will present at LLI on August 25. Steve Gurney will teach an LLI class on Sourcebook.

Presentation: Kinship Family Institute – Nancy Coffey, Department of Family Services
Nancy Coffey presented about the Kinship Family Institute (KFI), a new program designed for kinship family caregivers. Kinship caregivers raise the child of a family member or close family friend, (also called a "fictive kin"). The largest share of kinship caregivers are grandparents. Department of Family Services Director Nannette Bowler has a passion for kinship caregiver issues and launched the KFI based on a similar institute she helped found in Michigan.

The KFI aims to offer services to the more than 5,000 kinship caregivers in Fairfax County, to connect kinship families, and to form a network of kinship caregivers who can support each other and their changing families. Kinship caregivers assist in situations that include opioid addiction, incarceration, and military involvement. Kinship arrangements often include complex family relationships. The Family First Act passed and will now allow for additional funds to support kinship caregivers. Census data reveals where concentrations of kinship caregivers are located.

Nancy distributed KFI materials. KFI offers kinship navigations through a helpline, training and support groups, and respite and legal services. Kinship Café provides dinner and discussion for kinship caregivers with separate activities and games for children.

Trina stated that the Area Agency on Aging supports the KFI. Nancy acknowledged Kim Karlinchak, who has been the AAA kinship point of contact for many years and assisted with the Kinship Quick Guide and kinship respite days.

Nannette Bowler and Trina both serve on the KFI Advisory Board. Nannette's ultimate vision is to design a model similar to one in Washington, DC that provides housing, services, and transportation for kinship families.

Presentation: Area Plan Update – Sara Mattson, Adult & Aging Quality Assurance, Department of Family Services
Sara Matson presented an update on the Area Plan. The Area Plan is a service contract entered into with the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) and offers a blueprint for all aging services offered by the Fairfax Area Agency on Aging. According to the COA bylaws (developed with guidance from DARS), the COA is to review and provide comment on the Area Plan.

In 2016, DARS moved to a four-year plan with annual updates. Only changes are reported in the annual updates. Sara distributed a summary of projections and a few minor changes around category naming. The program years end September 30. All programs are on target to meet or exceed targets.

Old Business
Kay reviewed the officer election slate: Carolyn for Chair and Mike for Vice Chair. The COA unanimously elected Carolyn as the new Chair and Mike as the new Vice Chair. Kay announced that she will continue to serve as Dranesville Commissioner. Carolyn thanked the COA for its confidence in Mike and her and stated that they look forward to working together.

Carolyn attended the July 12 LTCCC Government Affairs Committee meeting chaired by Paul Wexler. Discussion included input on Fairfax County's Human Services Issues Paper. The COA traditionally aligns with the legislative platform of the Northern Virginia Aging Network, often reflected in the Human Services Issues Paper. Paul thanked Carolyn for attending.

Kay attended the NVAN meeting. Delegate Delaney and Senator Favola staff presented the General Assembly Proclamation of Falls Prevention Week to the Northern Virginia Falls Prevention Alliance. That item, along with the rest of 2018 NVAN legislative platform, passed into law on July 1. Marymount received another grant to support falls prevention efforts. Prince William Wills for Veterans also presented at the NVAN meeting.

Department of Medical Assistance Services Director Dr. Jennifer Lee will be the keynote speaker at the NVAN Legislative Breakfast on September 24. Dr. Lee is the daughter of Central Senior Center Executive Director Dr. Heisung Lee.

Kay asked Jacquie to review the NVAN platform items. Cathy Muha attended the DC Resource Meeting in June for the topic of medical aid in dying. Medical aid in dying was approved in DC last year. Cathy would like to review the NVAN background item. The Arlington and Alexandria COAs have already begun to meet with their state legislators. Kay will join a meeting and then hopes to schedule meetings with Fairfax legislators.

Kay reported that dementia-friendly Herndon has partnered with Insight Memory Care Center.

Director's Report
Trina reported that the county has started a Spanish media program featuring half-hour live interviews on Tuesdays at 7:30 a.m.

As Joe requested, copies of the Golden Gazette were distributed to the COA and will be provided at each COA meeting.

Volunteer Solutions has partnered with the Community Services Board for an Older Adults Mental Health First Aid Training.

AARP has invited the AAA and COA to host a table at the Boomer Academy at the OLLI Tallwood campus on September 28. Trina asked commissioners to contact her if they are able to attend.

New Business
Joe reported that when Kate Hanley was BOS Chair, she appointed Joe to serve on the Industrial Development Authority (IDA). Joe continues to serve on the IDA. The IDA has the authority to issue revenue bonds. During IDA meetings, Joe has developed a relationship with the Inova CFO. At Kay's request, Joe shared the medical transportation initiative and concerns with his contact. The Inova CFO is close to retirement, but promised to pass the issue on to his replacement. Joe will report back to the COA.

Carolyn thanked Kay for two strong years as COA Chair and announced that the COA and guests will celebrate Kay with refreshments at the end of the meeting.

Kay announced that Patrick has resigned because he and his family are moving to North Carolina. Mike requested a discussion about approaches to fill COA vacancies. Each BOS Supervisor approaches the process slightly differently. An informal approach to recruitment can be effective in identifying potential candidates.

Carolyn reminded the COA that the September COA meeting will be held on the second Wednesday of the month, due to Yom Kippur.

Donna Pesto from the Department of Planning and Zoning will present the amended draft of the continuing care zoning amendment at the July 24 BOS Process Development Committee meeting.

Cathy Cole motioned that the meeting be adjourned. Mike seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

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