Community Complaint Form

If you’re concerned about possible fire, health, zoning, property maintenance or land use/construction code
violations, then use this form to file a complaint. Your complaint will be reviewed in the order it was received and
you may be contacted by the inspector investigating your complaint. You also may search existing complaints if
you have an address or complaint number.

Top Complaints


Homes and Properties
  • Grass Complaints accepted April 22 to mid-October.
  • Electrical, heating/cooling, unsanitary conditions, vacant dwellings, water/sewer, hoarding and more Submit Complaint
  • Overcrowding, too many people in home/public place, illegal apartment in home Submit Complaint
  • Excessive junk in yard, illegal child care, home businesses, front yard pavement and more Submit Complaint

Land Use and Construction

  • Overcrowding in public places, grills on balconies, hazardous materials, dumping and other fire department issues Submit Complaint
  • Complaints submitted will be handled during normal business hours. For an immediate response to health or fire safety issues dial 911. Complaints submitted will be handled during normal business hours. For an immediate response to health or fire safety issues dial 911.

  • Improper food handling/cleanliness in a restaurant Submit Complaint
  • For an illness from eating in a restaurant, call 703-246-2444
  • Failing septic systems, bad well water Submit Complaint
  • Hotel, motel, bed/breakfast cleanliness  Submit Complaint

Improper Trash Disposal
  • Overflowing dumpster, household trash, illegal dumpsite, tires, hazardous materials, paint, oil Submit Complaint
  • Animal (not dogs), construction, mechanical and other noise  Submit Complaint
  • For dog noise or immediate noise concerns, call the police non-emergency number at 703-691-2131, TTY 711
  • For Trash Truck Noise Complaints call the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services at 703-324-5230, TTY 711.

Animals, Rats, Insects
  • Infestations, excessive number of dogs, fowl, livestock and more Submit Complaint

Signs on Private Property Only


Vehicles and Parking
  • Commercial, inoperable/junk, parking on grass, tow truck and more Submit Complaint

Swimming Pool

Permitted Solid Waste Collection Companies
  • Before completing this form, please read about single stream collection of recyclables.
  • Please do not report a missed collection until late in the day. In many cases, crews are simply running behind schedule. If you have a private trash hauler, please contact them first. (If your hauler does not resolve the issue, you may contact the county at 703-324-5230, TTY 711). If the county collects your trash, please call 703-802-3322, TTY 711
  • Report a missed collection or other concern. Submit Complaint