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Fire Prevention Code Permit Information



Effective January 1, 2015

This publication outlines the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code (i.e., Fire Prevention Code or SFPC) requirements for operational permits in Fairfax County and the towns of Clifton, Herndon, and Vienna. Section 108 of the SFPC requires operational permits for a variety of regulated materials, processes, and occupancies. Operational permits issued by the Fairfax County Office of the Fire Marshal are known as Fire Prevention Code Permits (FPCP). FPCP requirements originate from Table 107.2 of the Fire Prevention Code (as amended by Fairfax County), and are provided in this guideline for your convenience and ease of reference. Permits are valid for one year unless noted otherwise and must be renewed annually.

Detailed Permit Requirements to include Fire Code Reference, Requirement Description and fee. 



General FPCP Application:

Unless you are using one of the custom FPCP applications listed below, you must use the general FPCP application above.

  • Determine the type of FPCP endorsement required by reviewing the above detailed permit requirements. Then record the description, fee amount, and “FIDO Code” on the application. Multiple endorsements may be listed on one application.
  • Record the total permit fees in the “Total Amount Due” section of the application.
  • Completely fill out the address and contact information on the bottom half of the application. Be sure to include the commercial occupancy permit (Non-RUP or Zoning Permit) number that applies to the permit/inspection location. Deliver or mail the completed application along with your payment and any required compliance documentation to the address at the top of the permit application.
Custom FPCP Applications:

Because of specific fire marshal inspection and plan review requirements, the following custom FPCP applications shall be used for the following activities:

Carnivals, Fairs, Festivals, and Outdoor Public Assemblages

Tents and Temporary Membrane Structures

Fireworks and Indoor Pyrotechnics

Blasting and Explosives


For assistance with the FPCP application process or questions, contact the Revenue & Records Branch at 703-246-4803, TTY 711, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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