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Unlawful Detainer Cases – Reminders of Court Policies

There are several reminders for Fairfax General District Unlawful Detainer court on Fridays:

The UD Case Disposition form should be used.  The following issues have been frequently found with these forms:

a. The address in the upper right-hand corner should be the detained property address – not the address where the defendant was served, if they differ.
b. All defendants against whom the case was filed should be listed on the UD Case Disposition form.  If one or more defendants have been dismissed or non-suited at some point in the process, those names should be listed on the following line as appropriate:
    ☐ NON-SUIT ☐ DISMISSED   _______                                    _
c. If the files are being viewed in the docket review room prior to court, please put the paperwork in the following order: Unlawful Detainer Case Disposition Order, Affidavit in Support of Judgment, 5-Day Notice, Lease, and Attorney Fee Affidavit.
d. Please review the Directions Sheet for completing the Unlawful Case Disposition Order.

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