The Medallion web mapping application provides the user with tools designed to query and visualize demographic variables in Fairfax County. The mapping applications are organized into three primary categories: Demographics, Income, and Health. All variables, except for Free and Reduced Price Lunch, are aggregated to five different geographies: elementary school attendance area, middle school attendance area, high school attendance area, ZIP codes, and supervisor districts. The Free and Reduced Price Lunch variable are available by the school attendance areas for elementary school, middle school, and high school. Details regarding the data and methodology, including county-level comparisons, are available here. For more information on how to use the applications, including a help document, click here.


The Demographics applications contain variables related to age (0-4 years, 5-19 years, and 65+ years) and race (White, Black/African American, Asian, Multiple Race/Other, and Hispanic).


The Income applications contain variables related to income, free and reduced price lunch, food stamps/SNAP recipients, and burdened renters (rent more than 30% of monthly income).


The Health applications contain variables related to households with a disability and people without health insurance.



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