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Program Metrics

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Fairfax County Health, Housing and Human Services (HHHS) works to enhance the social and economic well-being of Fairfax County residents. Through measuring and managing outcomes, HHHS strives to ensure clients are better-off from receiving services, enhance transparency, and increase accountability to the public and our partners. This is accomplished by continuously assessing how we are doing, where we can improve, and using data to inform decisions. Therefore, through the program metrics work we can help determine:

  • Who is accessing HHHS programs?

  • Is HHHS supporting the success of clients?

  • Do our programs achieve equitable outcomes?


Starting in FY20, HHHS refocuses program information into the five priority areas (and subareas) below to understand the extent to which HHHS programs and services enhance the well-being of residents. The objective of this restructuring is to be more relevant to the needs of the Fairfax community.

HHHS Priority Area Icons


HHHS Priority Areas

Economic Stability

Refers to services that provide individuals and families the ability to participate fully in employment with supports such as job training and childcare, effectively managing finances to consistently meet basic needs, as well as providing emergency assistance during instances of dire financial strain. View the determinants linked to this priority area below:

Economic Stability

Food Security

Refers to a household’s ability to provide enough food for every person to live an active healthy life.


· Physical health refers to protecting and improving the health and quality of life for residents by preventing the spread of disease, promoting healthy behaviors and ensuring the availability of quality, accessible health services so that every person has the opportunity to be healthy and safe;

· Behavioral health refers to mental and behavioral health services to support individuals and families who are affected by developmental disability, emotional disturbance (youth), mental illness and substance use disorders.

View the determinants linked to this priority area below:

Health Priority Area Determinants



Refers to persons having the opportunity to move to an affordable, safe and quality residence to conduct the activities of daily life, enjoy better health and work toward self-sufficiency for the household. View the determinants linked to this priority area below:

Housing Priority Area Determinants


Refers to safe, reliable, and affordable specialized transportation services available to individuals to reach therapeutic appointments, life-sustaining medical treatments, court-ordered family visitations, sites for essential shopping and other services which promote socialization, age-specific physical activities and overall well-being.


The graphic below depicts the five HHHS priority areas as well as their alignment with the relevant countywide strategic plan priority areas and the topics covered in the Needs Assessment.

HHHS Priority Area Comparison to Strategic Plan and Needs Assessment Graphic




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