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Cheryl Repetti,

Fairfax County Civil War Sesquicentennial

Civil WarThe History Commission was pleased to participate in the sesquicentennial commemoration of the American Civil War.  Several commemorative projects and events occurred throughout Fairfax County to celebrate the Sesquicentennial, 2011-2015. 

Suggested Reading Lists

Learn more about the American Civil War, 1861-1865, and how it affected life in Fairfax County.  All suggested books can be found at a local Fairfax County Library.


Driving tour of Fairfax County’s Civil War history, Footsteps to Fairfax Trail

This trail is a great scout, family, school, club, or homeschool activity!  Simply download the directions, questions, and answer form and start your tour of history.  Pins and/or patches with a special Fairfax County Sesquicentennial logo can be ordered separately.

            Footsteps to Fairfax Trail Directions
            Footsteps to Fairfax Trail Questions
            Footsteps to Fairfax Trail Answer Form
            Footsteps to Fairfax Trail Pin/Patch Order From           

Fairfax County Civil War History Education Kit

The Outreach Kit provides an interactive experience for those interested in learning more about Fairfax County during the Civil War.  It is available for check out through the Fairfax County Regional Libraries.

Included in the kit are:

  • a notebook of learning activities, illustrations and resources about the Civil War and Fairfax County
  • a replica haversack and its contents similar to what a Civil War soldier would have carried
  • a CD which includes down-loadable files of the learning activities etc

The learning activities:

  • provide background to Virginia's secession
  • describe both military and civilian experiences
  • introduce the military experience of men who were in the US Colored Infantry
  • explore the impact of the casualties of war
  • can be adapted for a range of age groups and interest

The haversack and its contents provide a hands on experience by examining replicas of items that the soldiers carried to war. Learners are challenged to think about the limits of what the soldier can carry and how difficult that would be.  The kit can be used in many venues: classrooms, scout meetings, home schooling, tutoring, etc.

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