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Fairfax County's 275th Anniversary - Educators Corner (Lesson Plans and Educational Materials)

Fairfax 275 Lesson Plans and Activity Ideas Celebrating the County's 275th Anniversary

Fairfax County 275th Anniversary

Browse our suggestions below and see if there is anything that you can incorporate into your lesson plans or daily activities.

  • interview residents of the county
  • host an art show with various student artwork, including photographs
  • create travel brochures of our county historical sites/buildings
  • create maps of your neighborhood
  • play or create period music
  • develop dramas/skits/songs
  • host a fashion show through the years
  • host a historical talent/variety show
  • prepare history exhibits/pop-up museums
  • create time capsules
  • invite guest speakers
  • create driving/walking tours
  • write poems
  • research the history of the county's places/names
  • write birthday cards for the county
  • collect 275 things that students like about the county
  • create a "This Day in Fairfax County" newspaper, website, power point presentation
  • create infographics using data for the county

Educational Materials

We've assembled a collection of materials and resources for you to use to gain a better understanding of the county's history and how you can apply it to your educational efforts.

Look Back: Fairfax History Lesson Plans and Activities

Lesson plans that encourage students to explore the past of their own backyards.

Fairfax County Government Lessons - High School

Worksheets, lesson plans, and educational tools all designed for high school students.

Gunston Hall - Educator Resources

Examine George Mason and his political contributions to Virginia and the nation by studying the lessons found on the Gunston Hall website.

Sully Historic Site - Educator Resources

Tours and activities focus on the food, clothing, slave life, and schooling of Sully's past residents.

Fairfax County Civil War Brochure

Downloadable Civil War informational brochure created for the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War in Virginia.

State and Local Government Lesson Ideas

Lessons about what our local and state governments do and how it affects your everyday life.

Fairfax County Government Lessons - Middle School

Worksheets, lesson plans, and educational tools all designed for middle school students.

Mount Vernon - Educator Resources

Utilize these resources that are designed to support further exploration into George Washington’s world.

Washington Aqueduct/C&O Canal - Educator Resources

A classroom without walls for PreK-12 students to study a variety of subjects.

Civil War Children's Literature List

This comprehensive children's reading list is compiled of books available at Fairfax County Public Libraries for you to check out.

Bill of Rights Institute - George Mason Lesson Plan

Learn more about George Mason’s ideas that helped shape the country in this downloadable lesson plan.

18th Century Craft Activity Ideas

Here you'll find a curated list of craft ideas and various projects for students to illustrate life in the early American colonies

Create Your Own Wig Craft Activity

A great children's activity where you make a replica of George Washington’s wig to celebrate this founding father and resident of Fairfax County.

American History Film Project

This project based learning challenge is aimed at creating short videos telling the story or history of local people or events.

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