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The First-Time Homebuyers (FTHB) Program has been providing affordable homes primarily through the Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) Program to low- and moderate-income households since 1992. Homes are offered at sale prices well below the sale price of other homes in the same development. Affordable Dwelling Units (ADU) are provided under provisions of Fairfax County’s Zoning Ordinance.

  • Affordably priced new and resale townhomes and condominiums are available to first-time homebuyers in Fairfax County
  • Current home prices range from $95,000 to $190,000 *Restrictive covenants apply


Who is Eligible for Homeownership Opportunities?

  • First-time homebuyers and individuals who have not owned a home in three years. Certain exceptions apply.
  • Households with at least $25,000 in income and not more than the maximum income limits listed below.
  • Households who can qualify for a home loan and have credit scores of 620 and above.
  • Households with 2% down payment, plus closing costs and at least one month of savings. Click here for additional financial requirements.
  • Households with individuals aged 55 or older may qualify for special criteria or offerings.


Note: Income Limits updated May 2019 and are subject to annual adjustments.

How Do I Apply?

1. Attend a First-Time Homebuyers Information (FTHB) Session

2. Attend a certified homeownership class

3. Have a lender complete a First-Time Homebuyers Lender Letter

4. Submit a completed application package

5. Attend an Information Session, after application is approved

Orientation Documents (PDF)



FTHB Information Session

This information session is an introduction to the full inventory of homebuyer programs offered by Fairfax County.  Click the link below for upcoming Information sessions.

How Are Homeowners Selected?

Potential buyers who follow all of the application steps and are approved to participate in the First-Time Homebuyers Program will receive an eligibility certificate to participate in the selection process. The certificate will show your household size, financial resources and preference points. First-Time Homebuyers Program properties for sale are listed on our website. You must have the appropriate family size and financial resources to participate in the selection of a home. Households with the highest preference points will be considered first. If a home includes accessible features, priority is given to those who have a disability requiring the home’s features.

A maximum of nine (9) preference points are awarded to those who:

  • Live or work in Fairfax County (5 points)
  • Have at least one child under the age of 18 Or a dependent with disabilities (1 point)
  • Participate in the program each year (Maximum of 3 points)

To keep these homes affordable, 30-year covenants* apply. Each Homeowner Must:

  • Live in the home as your primary residence; that means no renting is allowed.
  • Contact First-Time Homebuyers (FTHB) staff before refinancing the home.
  • Offer the FTHB home back to Fairfax County when interested in selling the home.
  • Sell your home at a price determined by the FTHB Program during the 30-year control period.

*Note: Ownership, occupancy and resale of properties are subject to restrictive agreements called covenants. Owners are responsible for all home maintenance, home improvements, and compliance with homeowner or condominium fees, rules and regulations.

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