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Affordable Housing Partnership Program

The Affordable Housing Partnership Program provides funds to nonprofit and for-profit housing development organizations for the development and preservation of affordable homeownership and rental housing.

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Eligible Applicants

  • Nonprofit and other organizations actively involved in the development of affordable housing

Funding Levels

  • Tier One Predevelopment
    • Funding used to determine project feasibility
    • Loan must be paid back only if project goes forward
  • Tier Two Predevelopment
    • Financing goes toward predevelopment costs for further studies after feasibility has been determined
    • Loan must be repaid
  • Affordable Housing Partnership Fund
    • Construction, bridge, gap or permanent financing; equity; or credit enhancement


  • Tier One and Tier Two Predevelopment limits allocations to $1,000 per unit with a maximum of $50,000
  • Residents of units financed by AHPP must be qualified low-income individuals and families
  • Occupancy requirements remain in effect for a minimum of 15 years or the term of the loan
  • The rolling application process allows submissions throughout the year
  • Full requirements can be found in the Guidelines


Proposed FCRHA Funding Guidelines Loan Adjustment and Additional Financing Policy


Application and Appendix A: Attachment GuidanceĀ (PDF)

Affordable Housing Threshold Analysis (PDF)
updated July 2, 2020

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