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Kenneth Saunders,

October 18, 2017 Commission Meeting

Commission Meeting
10/18/2017 7:30 pm




Commissioner Crawford

Commissioner Bhinge

Commissioner Griffin Paul

Commissioner Salinas

Commissioner Shipman

Commissioner Solon

Director Ken Saunders



Commissioner M. Malik

Commissioner S. Malik

Commissioner Alber

Commissioner Brangman

Commissioner Selim

Commissioner Khairallah





Commission Chair Gloria Crawford called the Wednesday, October 18, 2017, Commission meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


Approval of Agenda: It was moved by Commissioner Salinas and seconded by Commissioner Griffin Paul that the October 18, 2017, agenda be approved as presented. The motion passed by unanimous vote.


Approval of Minutes: It was moved by Commissioner Salinas and seconded by Commissioner Shipman that the October 4, 2017, minutes be approved as amended. The motion passed by unanimous vote.



STAFF ISSUES: Director Saunders informed the Commissioner’s that OHREP will be posting to hire two positions; a new investigator and a new supervisor. He gave a brief summary of the qualifications the office is looking for and stated that the positions will post on October 28th.


Commissioner Crawford shared that the new website is projected to be up and running in January. She would like to take a group picture for the new website on December 6th (tentatively) at 7:00 in the Atrium.




HRC #2017086H FIR. It was moved by Commissioner Salinas and seconded by Commissioner Griffin Paul that a finding of reasonable cause based on evidence sufficient to establish that a violation of the Human Rights Ordinance has occurred consistent with the recommendation of OHREP. The motion passed by majority vote, with Commissioner Solon abstaining.


HRC #2012179E – Public Hearing. It was moved by Commissioner Solon and seconded by Commissioner Bhinge that a Public Hearing not be scheduled in the matter of HRC #2012179E and that this case be closed before the Commission. The motion passed by unanimous vote.



COMMUNITY CONCERNS: Commissioner Crawford discussed the proposed Human Rights Forum. One of the concerns discussed at the last Commission meeting on October 4, 2017, was reaching out to the community. Commissioner Crawford suggested that the Commissioners could invite different organizations from the community. This would help these organizations become aware of what the Commission does. It was suggested that the Awards Committee could develop ideas to administer the forum to be similar to a seminar or information session. These ideas would then be shared with the other Commissioners.



PENDING BUSINESS: Awards Committee: The Awards Committee will be discussing two options; The Commission could conduct an event on its own or partnering with the office for the Fair Housing event. The Committee will conduct a conference call to discuss further topics. Commissioner Crawford has asked fellow Commissioners to volunteer to help.



NEW BUSINESS: Nominations for officers for the upcoming year. Commissioner Solon will nominate the current Commission Officer to continue in their positions. If anyone else wishes to nominate a different Commissioner, he or she should contact the Commission. This proposal was seconded by Commissioner Salinas.



The meeting adjourned at 8:44 p.m.


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