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District Land Use Cases


The following is a listing of the current active land use cases in the Hunter Mill District, and schedules of public hearings with the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.  The staff report on the case will be available for review two weeks before the Planning Commission public hearings.

JUNE 2019



Prince Towne, LLC proposed to develop residential housing at a 2925, 2927 and 2929 West Ox Road, Herndon.  The plan consists of a  9 lot subdivision to integrate with the Franklin Oaks subdivision to the north and east and with the Franklin Oaks subdivision to the west.  The Planning Commission recommended approval at their meeting on May 8, 2019.  The Board of Supervisors approved this application on May 21, 2019.




Blue Ocean Development, Inc. has filed Special Exception Amendment (SEA 2013-HM-012) for the property located at 1283 Serenity Woods Lane, Vienna [Tax Map 19-1 ((01)) Parcel 27A].  The applicant proposed to demolish an existing structure located on the property that is in poor condition and construct a new single family dwelling that will more properly fit within the character of the surrounding community.

Cars-DBI, LLC. has filed a Proffer Condition Amendment and conceptual Design Plan Amendment (PCA/CD)A 2011-HM-012) to add to option to the CDP to both allow development of Buildings C5/C6 and accommodate existing conditions.  The maximum building height in Option II is increasing from 95 to 110 feet.  The primary change requested is an altered site design along the eastern property line in order to construct an interim section of Boone Boulevard.




Reston Heights Residential I, LLC has filed a Planned Residential Community Amendment to delete approximately 215,000 square feet of Office Gross Floor Area (the Excess Office Density) and approximately 3,600 square feet of Retail Gross Floor Area (the Excess Retail Density) from PRCA B-846 from 11800 and 11842 Sunrise Valley Drive, [Tax Map 17-3 ((21)) Parcels 1A, 2B, 3A, 4A, and 5A].  Because of the change in ownership to portions of the property, JGB, as holder of both the Excess Office Density and the Excess Retail Density does not have a location in which to accommodate either for the foreseeable future.  The Planning Commission public hearing and deferred decision until June 12, 2019.  The Board of Supervisors public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 3:00pm.    Additional information online


Reston Crescent (One Reston Co. LLC and Two Reston Co. LLC) filed a Conceptual Plan Amendment (CDPA/2016-HM-007), Final Development Plan Amendment and Proffer Condition Amendment to adjust the development tabulations in anticipation of future Final Development Plans and to reconcile with the multi-model network within Reston Crescent to accommodate the now-refined footprint.  The Application is not proposing to adjust the mix of uses or increase the density approved with the rezoning.  [Tax Map 17-3((8))1A-1 and 1B]  The Planning Commission recommended approval at their May 22, 2019 meeting.  The Board of Supervisors public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 3:00pm.    Additional information online and at FDPA 2016-HM-007 and PCA 2016-HM-007



Reston Crossing has filed a Rezoning/Final Development Plan (RZ/FDP 2018-HM-002) to rezone property located at 2001 Edmund Halley Drive, Reston [Tax Map 17-3 ((8)) Parcels A and part of 2A], from Medium Industrial District I-4 to Planned Development Commercial District (PDC) to permit the development of a mixed use project. The existing suburban style office campus consisting of two office buildings with approximately 332,277 square feet is proposed to be replaced with a maximum of 1,965,000 square feet of gross floor area. The office development would range from 38-58 percent of total development; residential development would range from 36-59 percent of the final development, with retail uses representing 3 to 6 percent of total development; with an overall floor area ratio (FAR) of 3.20, inclusive of bonus associated with workforce housing. The Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 7:30pm. The Board of Supervisors public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 3:30pm.   Additional information online              



Woodland Park East (NVR, Inc.) has filed a Proffered Condition/Final Development Plan Amendment (PCA /FDPA 200-HM-004-03) and Conceptual Development Plan Amendment (CDPA 2000-HM-044-02) for the area for Building 1 (previously approved for 140 units, podium style, multi-family residential building) to permit the development of 96 multi-family units in four buildings.  Each building includes 24 units and accommodates one parking space per unit in ground level of the building.  Additional parking spaces are provided in a small parking court.  The Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 7:30 pm.  Additional information online and CDPA 2000-HM-044-02, and FDPA2000-HM-044-03.


Madhuri Peddi has filed a Special Exception (SE 2019-HM-005) for home child care services at 2472 Silk Court, Herndon 20171 [Tax Map 25-1 ((28))11].  Hours of operation area from 7:30am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.  Estimated number of children excluding her own is twelve (12).  The Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19, 2019.  



NS Reston LLC has filed a Conceptual Plan (CP 86-C-121-15) and Planned Residential Community application (PRC 86-C-121-06) to permit construction of a multifamily residential building on the north side of New Dominion Parkway, [Tax Map 17-1((17) Parcel 4].  The building is planned to be 13 stories and will consist of approximately 127,855 square feet of gross floor area.  A three-level underground garage will have 131 parking space, with six (6) surface parking spaces near the main entrance.  The Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 7:30pm.  Additional information online and at PRC 86-C-121-06



ORR-BSL Hunter Mill, LLC filed an application proposing an assisted living facility at 2347 Hunter Mill Road [Tax Map 37-2((1)) Parcel 26].  The two story building with a cellar will contain approximately 43,680 square feet of gross floor area.  The proposed building height is approximately 38 feet and will comprise of single and double occupancy rooms with a maximum of 86 beds.  Approximately sixty surface parking spaces will be provided for residents, staff and visitors.  A Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 7:30 pm.  Additional information online



Sandeep Lohia has filed a School Special Exception Amendment (SEA 2010-HM-004) to amend an approved private school of general education, nursery school and childcare center to permit an increase in enrollment and site modifications, and to enable the use of a vacant building for approved purposes.  The property is located 1629 Beulah Road, Vienna [Tax Map 28-1 ((1)) Parcel 13].  The number of children will be limited to 200 students.  The Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 7:30pm.



APA Properties No. 6, LP (Isaac Newton Square) has filed rezoning application (RZ 2-18-HM-020) to rezone from Industrial District-5 to Planned Residential Mixed-Use (PRM), [Tax Map 17-4 ((5)), parcels 3C1, 3E1, 3N1, 3W2, 6S2, 6S4, 7E2 and 7N2].  The property is comprised of eight parcels equaling 32.14 acres.  The proposed neighborhood will comprise up to 2,828,884 square feet of uses (inclusive of any bonus density units), including 2,500,000 square feet of residential uses, 68,884 square feet of retail uses and 260,000 square feet of office uses.  Applicant proposes up to 2,100 residential units, to include 14% workforce dwelling units and where applicable, Affordable Dwelling Units (ADU).  Planning Commission public hearing is to be determined after Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA). Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for September 18, 2019 at 7:30pm.  The Board of Supervisors public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, October 15, 2019, at 3:30pm.  Additional information online


1900-02 Campus Commons, LLC has filed a Rezoning and Development Plan (RZ/FDP2017-HM-018) and Proffer Condition (PCA 79-C-023) Amendment for approximately 11.6 acres at 1900 – 1902 Campus Commons Drive [Tax Map 17-4 ((1)) Parcels 33 and 34] at the corner of Sunrise Valley Drive and Campus Commons Drive. The Applicant is seeking a mix of residential units and retail space, in addition to maintaining the existing office buildings. Two development options are being proposed: an additional 1,182,435 to 1,183,635 square feet of residential gross floor area with up to 1,097 residential units and between 18,480 and 26,480 square feet of ground retail. This is inclusive of the existing 233,390 square feet of office and 1,980 square feet of retail, with a combined total of 1,419,005 square feet of development. The Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for September 25, 2019, at 7:30pm.  Additional information online and at RZ 2017-HM-018 and PCA 79-C-023.   





CRS Sunset Hills, LC (Reston Promenade) has filed Proffer Condition Amendment/Conceptual Development Plan Amendment and Final Development Plan Amendment (PFC/CDPA/FDPA 2016-HM-035) to refine “Building C” of A-D to reflect the needs of a premier hotelier and potential retail tenants, improve the overall layout and design, improve pedestrian connectivity and porosity, create a more seamless circulation within the property, and enhancements to the urban parkland serving the project.  The property is located at 1830 and 1860 Wiehle Avenue [Tax Map 17-4 ((1)) Parcels 20, 17B, ,14A and a portion of 17A].  The Planning Commission public hearing has not been scheduled.   Additional information online and CDPA 2016-HM-035 and FDPA 2016 -HM-035



Inova Health Care Services and the Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County have filed Proffer Condition Amendments (PCA 74-2-113-05 and PCA 86-C-121-07) concurrent with Rezoning application (RZ 2017-HM-020) to establish the Grid of Streets and streetscape, Central Green and Infrastructure associated with the proposed redevelopment of Reston Town Center North.  The property is located on the south side of Baron Cameron Avenue, east and west of Town Center Parkway, west side of Fountain Drive and the south side of Bowman Towne Drive. Addresses: 11901 & 12000 Baron Cameron Avenue; 11925 & 12000 Bowman Towne Drive (1801 Cameron Glen Drive), 1800 & 1850 Cameron Glen Drive; and 1778 Fountain Drive, Reston, VA. 20190. [Tax Map Numbers: 17-1 ((1)) Parcels 3F, 12, 13, 14A, 14B, 14C, 14D, 14E, 14F and 017-1 ((17)) Parcel 5A]. The Planning Commission public hearing has not been scheduled. Additional information online 



Foulger-Pratt Development, LLC has filed application (RZ 2018-HM-019) to rezone from Industrial District I-3 to Planned Residential Mix-Use project to include new buildings designed to provide commercial space and a variety of housing opportunities, at 1900-1920 Association Drive, Reston.  Block 1 – Assisted/Independent Living building, Blocks 2, 3 and 4 contain a combination of front loaded and rear loaded townhouses and 2-over-2 flats, Block 5 contains a residential condominium with 154 units and 169,263 square feet of gross floor area, Block 6 contains a 14-story office building with 308,288 square feet of gross floor area, Block 7 contains a 7-story multi-family building with 360 units proposed and Block 8 contains a combination of townhouses and 2-over 2 units.  The Planning Commission public hearing has not been scheduled.  Additional information online



Golf Course Overlook, LLC has filed Rezoning/Final Development Plan (RZ/FDP 2016-HM-016) for 11480 Sunset Hills Road, Reston [Tax Map 17-4 ((5)) S6] to rezone from Industrial 5 (1-5) and Residential Estate (R-E) to PRM to permit a high-rise residential building containing 413 multi-family units and approximately 1,000 square feet of permitted secondary uses to serve residents.  The Planning Commission public hearing has not been scheduled.