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JDC General Information

Fairfax County’s Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) is a 121-bed secure facility currently staffed at 55 beds inclusive of the BETA program. The program is designed to house both males and females ordered into the facility by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court pending pre-adjudication (pre-dispositional, detention hearing, trial), disposition (sentencing) or while serving a sentence (post-dispositional). The facility is designed both architecturally and programmatically to reduce stress for the residents while providing a safe and secure environment. Security is maintained through direct supervision and personal interactions between staff and residents.

It is imperative that the program be aware of all relevant information concerning the health and care of youth placed in the facility.  Contact with parents or guardians to collect health information is made by an administrator at the time of the resident’s intake into the Juvenile Detention Center. If the program staff have been unable to make contact with the parent or you have a medical or mental health concern regarding your child, please contact a Shift Administrator at 703-246-2844 or 711 (TTY).

The Juvenile Detention Center’s staff and programming will provide for every resident’s physical and emotional needs. Services provided by the program include:
Medical Services, Counseling Services, Mental Health Services, Educational Services, Recreational Services, Intake Assessment services, Nutritional Services, Religious Services, Transportation Services, Case Management Services, Behavioral and Social Enhancement Services.

Residents are supervised by trained staff throughout their stay.  The role of the child care staff is to provide for a safe and secure environment while treating every resident with dignity and respect.  Other staff that will interact with residents during their stay include educators, mental health professionals, volunteers, medical professionals and program administrators.

The Juvenile Detention Center staff will contact you as soon as it is possible if:


  • Your child is transported from the Juvenile Detention Center for emergency medical care due to illness or injury.  Please remember that parents are financially responsible for emergency care and prescriptions.
  • Your child is charged with a criminal offense as a result of illegal conduct within the Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Your child has attempted a self-destructive act.

Parents will not be contacted about their child's behavior unless the Juvenile Detention Center staff determines it is a serious issue. Parents may contact the program to inquire about their child’s behavior or wellbeing. The program generates a court report prepared by Juvenile Detention Center staff reflecting the resident’s overall adjustment and program participation.

The program is highly structured and rules are consistently enforced. The program philosophy attempts to create an atmosphere of achievement that recognizes the individuality of each child while providing a structured program of education, recreation, health and hygiene and positive adult interactions. The facility’s behavior management program is designed to reduce anxiety, promote personal accountability and responsibility, encourage clear thinking and provide for a healthy environment. Additionally, the program recognizes its obligation to serve the public and to meet the needs of families, facility employees, allied professionals and the citizens of Fairfax County.

While in the JDC residents do not need money. The Juvenile Detention Center will provide clothing, hygiene items, and food. Prior to acceptance, all incoming property must be screened and approved by a program manager.  Personal property (magazines, books, stamps, etc.) may be delivered during visitation.

Please make arrangements for prompt pick-up of your child's property after release.

Medication or approved medical devices may be dropped off at any time.  If you have specific questions concerning medication or your child’s health please contact the facility and ask to speak to a nurse or in their absence the Shift Administrator on duty.

If you have any questions regarding any of our programs or services please do not hesitate to call 703-246-2844 or 711 (TTY) and the receptionist will put you in touch with the appropriate administrator or staff member.

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