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Annual Permit Program

General Information

  • The Annual Permit Program allows permit holders to perform minor renovations at a specific location during a one-year period with one permit rather than obtaining individual permits.
  • The program applies to an existing commercial building in a revitalization district or a single tenant, commercial building in all other parts of the county.
  • All work must be certified by a licensed design professional or contractor registered in the commonwealth of Virginia as meeting the requirements of the Virginia Construction Code and the program's requirements.
  • If work is found to not meet the minimum code requirements, participation in the program can be revoked.
Work Allowed Limitations


  • Partitions.
  • Doors.
  • Modular furniture.
  • Ceilings.


  1. Alterations cannot change the group, occupancy load or exit access patterns, or increase the fire hazard.
  2. Alterations cannot increase the allowable travel distance or create dead-end corridors.
  3. Modular furniture must remain 18 inches below sprinkler heads.
  4. Altered elements cannot be part of a fire-rated assembly or smoke partition(s).
  5. Doors which are required to be self-closing cannot be altered.
  6. Work in buildings equipped with a smoke control system is limited to modular furniture.
  7. Fire-rated plenums or ceilings must be replaced within the same working day.
  8. Fire drill patterns in high rise buildings must be reviewed and approved by the fire marshal prior to commencing any alterations.


  • Ductwork relocation/replacement.
  • Diffusers relocation/replacement.
  1. Ductwork cannot penetrate or be installed in a fire-related assembly.
  2. Changes cannot affect the smoke evacuation system or fire alarm duct mounted smoke detectors connected to the fire alarm system.


  • Sink replacement.
  • Toilet replacement.
  • Urinal replacement.
  • Electric water heater (<58 kilowatts) replacement.
  • Drinking fountain replacement or relocation (width of exit access passageways, proper approaches and clear floor space must be maintained.)
  • Vent, waste and water piping extensions; new connections are prohibited.
  1. Existing fixtures cannot be relocated (except drinking fountains).
  2. New fixtures cannot be added.
  3. New water heaters can be of the same size and wattage as those being replaced.


  • Branch circuits relocation/replacement.
  • Lighting fixtures relocation/replacement/removal.
  • Receptacle outlets relocation/replacement/removal.
  1. Altered elements cannot be installed within or penetrate a fire-rated assembly.
  2. Branch circuits cannot exceed 40 amps and 240 volts.
  3. Lighting circuits cannot exceed 20 amps and 277 volts.
  4. Altered elements cannot be part of the fire alarm system.
  5. Branch circuits, lighting fixtures and circuits, and receptacle outlets cannot be installed in hazardous locations as defined by the National Electrical Code.

Fire Supression

  • Sprinkler heads replacement ( in exact location).
  1. Sprinkler heads cannot be relocated or removed.
  2. A completed inspection certification form is required upon completion.

 Accessibility Requirements

  • The building owner or tenant must certify compliance with accessibility provisions by submitting a completed Building Plan Review Cover Sheet when applying for a building permit.
  • Altered area must comply with the accessibility requirements for new construction.
  • Alterations and new components to a space or area shall be fully accessible. The accessible route to the altered area must be upgraded up to a limitation of 20 percent of the cost of the alterations (this includes mechanical, electrical and plumbing).
  • Compliance with the Virginia Construction Code does not obviate the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.
  • See Accessibility Fundamentals for more information.

Asbestos Requirements

  • Prior to the issuance of a building permit, the submission of an Asbestos Inspection Certification is required if the building was constructed prior to 1985.
    • Form must attest the altered areas have been inspected for asbestos and appropriate actions will be undertaken in accordance with state law.
    • If abatement or a remedial action occurs, the owner must certify that the area will not be reoccupied until all activity has been completed and final air quality clearances have been measured and found to be within the tolerances specified by the building code.
  • If the building has been inspected and is free of asbestos, an asbestos inspection certification form can be filed with the original application for an Annual Permit.

Procedural Requirements

Building owners or tenants interested in participating in the Annual Permit Program must complete the following.

  • Fill out an Annual Permit Application and apply at the Permit Application Center, 2nd floor of the Herrity Building.
  • Provide evidence of current contractor licensing as an owner/developer if licensure is required by State Contractor Licensing Regulations.
  • Submit the completed Annual Permit Application and the payment to the Permit Application Center. The fee for an Annual Permit is prescribed by the LDS Fee Schedule.
  • By the 10th day of the month following the completion of any authorized work, you must:
    1. Apply for building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits, and maintain plans on file showing all work performed under the Annual Permit.
    2. Pay the fee amount.
  • Random inspections will be performed by the county; any work which does not meet the minimum requirements of the building code must be corrected and reinspected.
  • A reinspection fee can be assessed for each additional inspection.

For more information, please contact the Permit Application Center at 703-222-0801, TTY 711.

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