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Land Conservation and Tree Preservation Awards

controlled erosion on bankNominations are now open for the 2018 Land Conservation Awards. Any individual, firm, or an organization that has observed superior erosion and sediment controls by a contractor, developer, engineer, engineering firm, property owner or a site superintendent and believes that such efforts are worthy of recognition may submit a nomination. Nominations should cite points of excellence that form the basis of the recommendation.

Nominations: Nominations are accepted on an ongoing basis. Nomination forms are available online.

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On January 29, 2018 Fairfax County recognized contractors, developers, engineers, engineering firms and site superintendents whose projects best demonstrate excellence in erosion and sediment control design and implementation or a commitment to tree preservation and planting in Fairfax County.

2017 Land Conservation Awards

Large Commercial: Metro Center II, Bldgs. I & II

  • Developer: Boston Properties
  • Project manager: Melissa Robins
  • Project Superintendent: Andy Bucy
  • Contractor: The Anderson Company
  • Engineering Firm: Urban-Ltd.
  • Site Inspector: Jim Getts

Small Single Family Residential: Corbett Manor

  • Developer: Christopher at Corbett Manor
  • Project Manager: Justin Havenner
  • Project Superintendent: Jeff Oetjen
  • Contractor: J D Roy Excavating, Inc.
  • Engineering Firm: Charles P. Johnson & Associates, Inc.
  • Site Inspector: Catie Iacovino

Large Single Family Residential: Piney Run

  • Developer: Elm Street Development
  • Project Manager: Steven J. Weber
  • Project Superintendent: Patrick Hobbs, Jr. with SmartSite LLC
  • Contractor: S. W. Rodgers Company, Inc.
  • Engineering Firm: Dewberry Consultants, LLC
  • Site Inspector: Jim Getts

Infill Lot: 1601 White Pine Drive

  • Developer: G. Harris Custom Homes, LLC
  • Project Manager: Glenn Harris
  • Project Superintendent: Glenn Harris
  • Contractor: Glenn Harris
  • Engineering Firm: Land Surveying & Civil Engineering
  • Site Inspectors: Syed Mustafa Mehdi

Linear Project: Lee District Park Chessie Trail

  • Owner: Fairfax County Park Authority
  • Project Manager: Thomas McFarland
  • Project Superintendent: Kelly McGee
  • Contractor: McGee Civil Construction, LLC
  • Engineering Firm: Bowman Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Site Inspector: Jim Getts

Outstanding Engineering Firm: Urban, Ltd. For Walhaven Woods

Outstanding Superintendents: Patrick Hobbs, Jr. for Piney Run and Paul Atherton for Thompson Property

Outstanding Contractor: S.W. Rodgers Company, Inc. for Piney Run

Outstanding Developer/Owner: Elm Street Development for Piney Run

Best Protected Environmentally Sensitive Site: Piney Run

  • Developer: Elm Street Development
  • Project manager: Steven J. Weber
  • Project Superintendent: Patrick Hobbs, Jr. with SmartSite LLC
  • Contractor: S. W. Rodgers Company, Inc.
  • Engineering Firm: Dewberry Consultants, LLC
  • Site Inspector: Jim Getts

Outstanding Erosion and Sediment Control Reviewers of the year:

  • Yosif Ibrahim, P.E. - North Branch
  • Bin Zhang, P.E. - Central Branch
  • Niaz Mohammed - South Branch

Outstanding Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector of the year:

  • Steven Cook - North Branch
  • Satwinder Singh Saini - Central Branch
  • Bed Chhetri - South Branch

2017 Tree Preservation Awards:

Project: 707 Utterback Store Road

  • Owner: Kimball and Janet Sampson
  • Engineer: Land Design Consultants, Inc.
  • General Contractor: Bryton Homes, LLC

Project: 1024 Utterback Store Road

  • Owner: Nagarajan Natarajan
  • Engineer: Mount Everest Engineers
  • General Contractor: VC Homes LLC

Project: Overture Fair Ridge

  • Developer: CRP-GREP Fair Ridge Owner, LLP
  • Engineer: Urban, Ltd
  • Tree Preservation Consultant: Urban, Ltd
  • Tree Preservation Contractor: Patriot Development Corporation
  • Project Arborist: TNT Environmental, Inc.

2017 Tree Planting Awards:

Project: Laurel Hill Adaptive Reuse Area

  • Developer: Elm Street Development
  • General Contractor: Southway Builders
  • Landscape Designer/Contractor: Ecological Restoration & Management

History and Background:

The Land Conservation Awards program was established during the early 1970s through combined efforts with the United States Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service, together with the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District and Department of Public Works and Environmental Services. The reason was to provide incentives for developers to participate in reducing erosion at their construction sites and to publicly recognize construction sites with the best erosion and sedimentation control plans that were correctly implemented and properly maintained. Then in the early 1980s, the Tree Preservation and Planting Awards were added to the program to recognize developers who have done an outstanding job of preserving trees and/or incorporating landscaping into their sites

During the period of the early 1970s, Fairfax County and its partner agencies took the lead in Virginia to establish erosion and sedimentation control standards for construction sites, and the county Board of Supervisors signed an agreement to participate in the watershed management program referred to as Public Law 566. That watershed management program was designed to minimize flooding and reduce erosion within the Pohick Creek Watershed by requiring that certain minimum standards of erosion and sedimentation control measures be installed and maintained at construction sites. It also required localities to provide training opportunities for members of the private and public sectors that would be designing, reviewing and approving erosion and sedimentation plans, installing and maintaining the approved measures and inspecting the installations.