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Mapping Applications

Land Development Services Mapping Applications provide data for learning about and analyzing land development in Fairfax County.  These resources address several land development subject areas.  They include: 

  • Building Type of Construction
  • Site Construction Complaints
  • Floodplains and Soils
  • Potential Wetland Areas
  • Dam Break Inundation Zones
  • Maximum Occupancy Certificate Viewer

Additional online mapping applications created by Fairfax County can be found in the Interactive Map Gallery.

Fairfax County Jade

JadeThe Jade is a Geographic Information System (GIS) web application that provides an easy way to view, search, and analyze geographic information.

  • One map application, available on any device, with over 170 layers to view, combine and analyze.
  • Detailed property reports, especially useful for land development.
  • Save, share and print your map creations.
  • Current and historical aerial imagery, viewable from multiple angles.

Type of Construction Viewer

This interactive mapping application provides building code-related Type(s) of Construction designation for existing buildings based on historic permit applications. When constructing a new building, the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code requires the structure to be assigned a Type of Construction based on its combustibility and level of protection against fire. This application will allow you to interact with the map and locate specific building Type of Construction information, which may be necessary to determine when renovating and existing building. 

Site Construction Complaints

Complaints related to Site Construction (such as grading, erosion, tree removal, etc.) can now be submitted and tracked online using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The public can file a complaint using the Site Construction Complaints Submission application identifying the exact location on a map and then track the status of complaints using the interactive Site Construction Complaints Report map.

Floodplain Viewer

The Floodplain Viewer is an effort to centralize all Fairfax County floodplain data and related information into one application. This application displays the various County floodplain layers that are used in the county's plan review process to flag potential floodplain locations where construction may be restricted.  Landowners contemplating development can use this application to research potential floodplain locations where land disturbance may be restricted, and determine whether additional professional floodplain research and analysis is needed before designing their project.

Site Records Viewer

The Site Records Viewer (SRV) provides access to thousands of approved site records. Download or view PDFs of approved site-related plan records, such as infill lot grading plans, resource protection area studies, and site plans. The SRV allows anyone to search for site development records geographically, or by a search function.

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