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Residential Electrical Service Plan Submittals

Residential Electrical Service Plan Submittals

By Anthony McMahan

To improve efficiency and to better serve our customers, the Building Division has simplified the submission process for large residential electrical services equal to 600 or 800 amps. This method drastically reduces the turnaround time for these reviews and funnels the plan directly to the appropriate staff plan reviewers.

Use FIDO to apply for an electrical permit as usual. If you identify your service as 600 or 800 amps, an immediate plan submission is not required, and your permit will still be issued. However, you must have the associated service plans reviewed and approved prior to the electrical service inspection (temp to perm). In most cases, the electrical contractor will obtain the permit and submit the plans; their state contractor’s license number is required for submission.

On the FIDO homepage, as shown in the image above, click “Residential Electrical Service Review” to be directed to the plan submission portal. The site requires information regarding the contractor, service, grounding/bonding and feeder. Answer these questions, attach your electronic plans and click “submit.” Staff will conduct the review and communicate via email to return your approved plans or to notify you of deficiencies.


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