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Jessica Hudson,

2018 Winter Olympics At the Library

A special 2018 Winter Olympics Wall-Size Display at Pohick Regional Library.

Pohick Regional Library is celebrating the 2018 Winter Olympics with a full-length wall display identifying each of the major winter sport categories with room to post the medal-winners throughout the duration of the Olympic competitions. It also includes interesting facts about the Olympic games over the years.


Speed stacking is one of Pohick's fun Olympic-themed games.

The Pohick branch also has fun Olympic-themed activities to engage visitors, young and old alike. Included are a race-to-the-podium game, a cup-stacking contest and an imaginative “create your own country” activity for which you get to design your country’s flag. Library staff can also steer you to books, magazines and online resources to expand your knowledge about the Olympics.


You get to create your own country and then design your country's flag as one of the Olympic-themed events at Pohick Regional Library.

'Contestants on the game board race to win a medal at the podium.