Eddie Clem

Eddie Clem is eight years old and has lived in the area all his life. He is a third grader and attends Hybla Valley Elementary. When not caring for his younger sister, he is a avid T-Ball player who values his friends.

Question: What’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you?
Uhhhh... .

Question: Do you want to come back to that question?

Question: What kind of games do you play?
The game ''Sorry,'' hide-n-seek, TV Tag, and T-Ball. And also play with clay. I either make a house or I make jails. I go inside and change my clothes and then I go outside and ride my bike.

Question: How do you play t-ball?
The coach sets a tee-up and then you put a ball on it. Then you hit the ball off the tee and you run to the bases.

Question: What position do you play?

Question: Do you like playing that position?
No, because you dont get the ball very much.

Question: What position would you want to play if you didn't play centerfield?
First. 'Cause., .there's a runner running over to first and if you catch the ball...you get the ball a lot.

Question: Do you remember any certain game?
Against the Mets, when I was up hitting homeruns, When the Mets were up, they kept throwin' the bats, and when we were up we kept on hittin' homeruns. Their coach didn't tell them not to throw the bats.

Question: What happens when you throw the bat?
You're automatically out.
Question: How do you play TV Tag?
There's somebody it and before they tag you, you gotta get down on the ground real fast and say a TV show.

Question: What if you don't say a TV show?
Then you're automatically it.

Question: What's your favorite TV show?
Spiderman. There's this Green Goblin and he tries and steals the Book of Magic. Then he gets the sword of some mummy. Then Spiderman comes and the Green Goblin shuts the mummy case door on him. He breaks out and Spiderman goes after him. After he gets through hittin' him he spins a web on 'em. He (Spiderman) just has to spin a web 'n then he swings by it.

Question: Are there any other TV shows you like?
Batman and Robin. 'Cause they fight ... they challenge bad guys and all that.

Question: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A fireman ... they get paid a lot. My dad was a fireman they help people when they're in trouble ... like in a fire. And they put fires out. I just think it's something nice to do.
Question: What if you're not allowed to be a fireman?
Then I would be a policeman. A policeman can cruise around on different streets, and they stop people who rob you.
Question: Do you have a best friend?
Yes. Timny Lukes. We ride bikes, and share, and play catch and T-Ball.

Question: Do your parents ever talk about the olden days when they were kids?
Yeah, they say whenever they 'Were bad their mother or father makes 'em go to bed or something. And if they don't eat all their dinner they don't get to go out and play.

Question: What kind of changes have you seen?
New schools bein’ built. Apartments bein’ built. People moving.
Question: If you didn't live in this country where would you like to live?
Alabama, 'cause my aunt lives in Alabama. If we lived there then we'll be able to visit 'em a lot.

Question: How about a far away place?
I'd like to visit Israel. I guess because it's a nice State. Sometime last March there were some people from Israel in our school. I just know that Israel might be nice.

Question: Well ... that's about it.
I think we have one more question to go back to.

Question: Oh, I'm sorry Ed. What's the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you?
Ummn ...people buying new cars. When we bought a new car and truck, my dad let me help him wash it and all that.

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