St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

1450 Powell's Tavern Place
Herndon, Va.


This old cemetery is located west of the tennis courts in the Crestbrook subdivision reached via a right-of-way on the east side of 1450 Powell's Tavern Place. The Vestry of the Cameron Parish built a brick church (called Sugarland Chapel) measuring 53'x 40' on a 3 acre plot in 1773. The chapel fell into disuse and eventually ruin after the disestablishment of the Anglican Church following the American Revolution. The W.P.A. Historical Inventory for the "A.M. McDaniel Home" (2/26/1936 By H.C. McMullin) recorded only the headstone of KETUNA BRIDGES (1777-1840), since lost. Numerous depressions and fieldstones indicate the presence of 50-100 burials.

Death: AUG 14, 1849

Comment: Inscription: SACRED to the Memory of Mrs. KETURAH BRIDGES Wife of ì Benjamine Bridges Who Died August 14th 1849 in the 64th Year. Source of ì tombstone data is a Bernie Boston 1976 photograph appearing in the ì Washington Star newspaper.