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Fairfax County Community Chaplain Corps

The Fairfax County Community Chaplain Corps works as part of an emergency or disaster team to provide chaplain care to community members impacted by the effects of a disaster or emergency. Members of the Chaplain Corps maybe deployed to assistance centers, homes or locations in Fairfax County to provide chaplain services to affected residents, family and friends.

The Community Chaplain Corps is comprised of ordained clergy and faith leaders from various religions throughout the county. These individuals work as part of an emergency or disaster team under the direction of an incident commander, and in cooperation with the county’s public safety agency chaplains and mental health professionals, to provide chaplain care and support to community members during and after an emergency or disaster. 

During an emergency or crisis, Corps Chaplains may be called upon to provide services at Emergency Shelters, Family Assistance Centers, Site Information Centers and other locations as needed. Chaplains may also be deployed with Fairfax County police officers on death notifications or to family and friends at scenes when a sudden death or suicide occurs. Each Community Chaplain also commits to serve as the “On Call Community Chaplain” in a weekly rotation for up to four weeks a year.

Chaplain Corps Applications

Applicants must complete and return the following documents to the Community Interfaith Coordination Office at 12011 Government Center Parkway, Suite 408, Fairfax, VA 22035:

The Fairfax County Community Chaplain Corps Steering Committee accepts applications throughout the year. Once your application is received the Community Interfaith Coordination Office will notify you of the training dates.

Chaplain Corps Training

All Chaplain Corps candidates must attend and successfully complete five required training courses and participate in Community Chaplain Steering Committee interviews before and after training to be recommended to be certified Corps Chaplains. Chaplain training includes classroom and online training covering the following topics:

  • Fairfax County Chaplain Corps Orientation
  • Disaster Chaplaincy (2-day course)
  • Deployment Sites & Procedures
  • Risk Management & Disaster Operations
  • Individual Deployment: Suicide & Sudden Deaths
  • Psychological First Aid (online course)*
  • Introduction to Incident Command Systems - IS-100b (online course)*

    *Online training course information will be provided upon approval of your application.

Once complete and recommended by the Chaplain Corps Steering Committee, candidates will be presented with documentation of certification and proper identification from the Office of Emergency Management.

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