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It’s National Child and Adult Care Food Program Week!

CACFP weekMarch 12 – 18 is National Child and Adult Care Food Program Week. Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services is proud to be a part of the USDA program that helps provide high-quality food and snacks in licensed Fairfax County in-home child care programs.

CACFP Week is a national educational and information campaign by the CACFP Sponsors Association. It raises awareness of how the CACFP works to combat hunger and bring healthy foods to care settings.

Under the program, the 500 family day care providers in Fairfax County receive reimbursements for meals and snacks served to children in care; receive training on nutrition, menu planned and shopping, budgeting, food safety, and children’s nutrition activities; and regularly consult with registered dietitians employed by the county.

Providers must submit menus in order to be reimbursed, and therefore serve more fruit, vegetables and milk than non-CACFP providers.

“The CACFP is a wonderful program that not only boosts children’s nutrition daily, it gives parents and caregivers peace of mind that their children are getting what they need to learn, play and grow,” said Abeba Tzeggai, a registered and licensed nutritionist who oversees NCS' USDA Food Programs.

The CACFP provides over 1.8 billion meals and snacks to more than 4.5 million children daily in child care centers, family day care homes, after-school programs, and over 137,000 adults in adult day care nationwide. More than 95,000 children and adults in Virginia were served by the CACFP in 2022.

To mark CACFP Week, Fairfax County will be distributing kid-friendly nutrition information and activities to families. The county is also encouraging family child care providers and centers to participate in activities that promote community awareness of the CACFP and its importance to sound nutrition.

According to the CACFP, children and adults that are cared for by providers in the CACFP benefit from the nutritious meals that follow the CACFP meal pattern. This helps the community by establishing positive eating habits, reducing food insecurity, and ensuring proper nutrition for growth and learning.  

Please visit NCS CACFP page for more information.


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