3 Wildlife Animal Safety Tips

County experts on wildlife and rabies

Bears. Raccoons. Foxes. Coyotes.

Oh my!

Many residents have sighted some of these wildlife creatures in recent weeks, so we hosted an online chat Wednesday to answer your questions. Katherine Edwards, wildlife management specialist, and Bryant Bullock, rabies program manager, provided expert answers about local wildlife issues.

Here are three safety tips (among many) they shared during the chat.

1 If a fox or coyote come on to your property, keep a safe distance and act loud and large to scare it away.

2 If you believe an animal is acting erratically and may be sick or injured, please contact Animal Control at 703-691-2131, TTY 711.

3 Be aware that raccoons, skunks, foxes, bats, and stray cats are the animals that are most likely to carry rabies in Fairfax County.

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If a wildlife animal bites you, here are some tips for how to respond:

4 tips for responding to wildlife animal bites

We are home to a diverse range of wildlife species, so we have created a resource page about wildlife and each animal for more information.


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