5 Most Viewed Fairfax County YouTube Videos in 2019

West Nile Story

Just in time for binge-watching season – grab a warm blanket and some popcorn – here are the most watched county YouTube videos in 2019. They range from informative and historical to musical and ridiculously cute.

Take a look!

Honorable Mention:

#5  West Nile Story (West Nile Virus Prevention Rap)

MC Bugg-Z’s latest rap takes on West Nile Virus throughout Fairfax with his partners in rhyme – school children, police officers, fire and rescue personnel and doctors.

#4  Early Literacy Skills

Simple tips from the Library to guide parents and caregivers as they help a child learn how to read and write.

#3  Overview of Glass Recycling in Fairfax County

The global market for glass recycling changed and we all partnered to successfully launch our purple collection bins throughout the county to recycle glass for county construction projects.

#2  Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole

See the many features of this expansive family water park with a west coast gold rush theme. It may be closed for the season, but we can still watch and dream of warm weather days ahead.

And drum roll, please – the most viewed county YouTube video in 2019:

#1  Frog Calls

Who can resist the call of frogs and toads? Not us apparently! We watched this video more often than the other top 4 combined! Kick back and enjoy the sweet sounds of Spring Peepers, Bull Frogs and more. Or get out and explore nature for First Hike Fairfax.

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