5 Ways to Protect Your Debit Card from ATM Skimming

ATM machine

With some recent cases of ATM skimming in the county, it’s important to know how to protect your debit cards.


We offer five tips to look for when you’re at an ATM machine:


1. Look for Loose Devices and Hidden Cameras 

Skimming devices may be affixed loosely with tape; contact bank personnel and police immediately. Skimming is a two-step process because criminals can also obtain your PIN. This is often done with a pinhole camera hidden on or near an ATM.


2. Check the Keypad

Some criminals have used keypad overlays instead of cameras to capture customers’ PINs. These devices record keystrokes electronically, so check for anything that seems to have been placed over the top of the keypad that moves, seems unusual, or does not match the ATM.


3. Protect Your PIN

Always use your hand to shield your PIN as you enter it, and be aware of anyone standing too close who may be attempting to watch.


4. Know Your Surroundings

Machines with a lot of customers, especially in tourist areas, are the most likely to be targeted by criminals.


5. Check Your Records

Always check bank statements and look for discrepancies. Be familiar with bank policies and procedures for fraud.


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