50+ Reasons May is a Good Month to be 50+ Years Old

Picture of three women playing music at 2015 Creative Aging Festival.

Older adults (50 years old and older)  make up more than 24 percent of our population in Fairfax County. You have worked, raised families and contributed to our community.

And now it’s time to have some fun.

Our 2016 Creative Aging Festival is taking place throughout the county in May and you’re invited. It is a whirlwind month of music, dance, theater, singing and art taking place at our 14 senior centers.

There is no cost – all events are free.

“Last year’s Creative Aging Festival was a fantastic experience. I look forward to this year’s play ‘Murder at the Pie Auction’ at Hollin Hall Senior Center. The festival is an excellent creative outlet for older adults.”Virginia Moore, County Resident


What to Expect

More than 50 festival events are scheduled for every part of the county and cover a wide variety of interests. Here are a few highlights of events you may want to attend:

  • Line dancing workshop
  • African Drumming Polyrhythms
  • Introduction to American acoustic blues
  • Pottery, 3D and sculpting
  • Belly dancing class
  • Charcoal drawing
  • Chorus concert
View Full List of Events, Dates and Locations


Top 3 Reasons To Enjoy the Festival


Older adults enjoying the 2015 Creative Aging Festival.

Orange you glad you came to the festival? A couple enjoying last year’s Creative Aging Festival.

  1. It’s fun!
  2. According to the National Institutes of Health, staying active is important to the physical and mental health of older adults. It helps to reduce depression, maintain strength and manage or reduce the occurrence of chronic diseases.
  3. Creative aging activities provide opportunities for engagement, building friendships, as well as exploring and developing new skills and talents.

Learn more about creative aging:


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