5,000+ Warrants: Behind the Scenes of Keeping our Streets Safe

Police Department's Resource Management Bureau

It takes a lot of work and resources to keep our neighborhoods safe. Our Police Department is on the job 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Working behind the scenes to assist our police officers and civilian personnel with everything from uniforms to warrants are the 62 members of the department’s Resources Management Bureau.

In 2017 alone, the bureau’s staff handled nearly 10,000 fingerprint requests and the preparation of nearly 5,000 warrants as part of their regular duties.

“One of our biggest challenges is simply the scope of the bureau’s daily efforts. By the sheer nature of our mission, it’s a massive umbrella and there are always many special projects underway. One minute you can be talking about soft body armor and the next you are in a meeting about parking lots or fleet-related issues.”Major Ed O’Carroll, Resource Management Bureau Commander


What is the Resource Management Bureau?

The bureau works out of two locations – the county’s Annex Building off Page Avenue in Fairfax and the new Public Safety Headquarters on the Government Center campus. The bureau has three main divisions:

  • Fleet logistics
  • Evidence and warrants records management
  • Facilities and security

Each division is managed by a civilian director and organized by sections/units to support the police officers and the eight district police stations within the county.


What Do They Do? 

The bureau’s responsibilities on a typical day/week include:

  • Processing and storing several hundred pieces of evidence for court cases.
  • Handling dozens of telephone calls from police officers, citizens and attorneys as it relates to warrants.
  • Entering warrant data and processing dozens of expungements while adhering to the Virginia Administrative Code Section that directs law enforcement on how to execute court expungement orders.
  • Assisting more than 200 residents who walk in each week to request criminal history reports, incident reports, accident reports and fingerprints for background checks.
  • Purchasing, shipping and receiving inventory into their warehouse while providing assistance to over 1,500 police officers and civilian personnel with uniforms and equipment.
  • Overseeing police vehicle preventative maintenance and repairs.


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