8 Ways to Keep Burglars Away From Your Home This Summer

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Do you have a vacation or extended trip on the horizon, especially now that it’s summer?

Burglars might be interested to know, too, and they will look for signs you’re not home.

Here are eight ways to keep burglars at bay while you’re away:

  • 1.) Do not leave notes on your door stating you are not home! (Yes, this happens.)
  • 2.) If possible, keep a vehicle parked in your driveway or regular parking spot.
  • 3.) Make your home appear occupied; use timers/apps on lights, TVs or radios to automatically power electronics according to normal daily use.
  • 4.) Ask a trusted neighbor, relative, friend or pet sitter pick up mail and newspapers; remove all flyers, doorknob hangers and advertisements that have been placed at your door or mailbox…
  • 5.) …but do not leave door keys under flower pots or doormats, inside an unlocked mailbox, over the doorway or in other obvious places.
  • 6.) Consider having someone mow your yard and water your outdoor plants.
  • 7.) Keep all doors and windows locked; apartment dwellers, make sure any sliding glass doors are locked, especially on the ground floor!
  • 8.) Avoid posting vacation plans on social media sites, especially more public ones like Twitter; share photos after you return home.

If you or a trusted neighbor/relative/friend discover that your home has been broken into, call our non-emergency number at 703-691-2131, TTY 711, so a police officer can be dispatched to take the report.


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