About Fairfax County Government NewsCenter

Your local government is a news source.

And this website, Fairfax County Government NewsCenter, is one key way we now deliver that information to you.

We aim to deliver news that matters to our community – empowering you to know, to do and to go. The NewsCenter vision statement is simple:

“To selectively package, promote and publish relevant, timely and actionable audience-focused information for our community.”

Are we going to cover every story and every angle? No, and we don’t aim to compete with local TV, print or radio journalists, but we can still share news and information that impacts your daily life. NewsCenter also does not cover every piece of news from your local government. Check out NewsWire or our Social Media Hub for all headlines.

We hope you find the articles enlightening, many filled with large visuals, interactive elements and other features to tell a story. We all like to read stories, so our approach is to write the content in ways that’s accessible — sometimes called “plain language.”

NewsCenter will evolve over time. Hopefully you will find it to be a useful resource and add the content to your media diet. This news site has already been recognized with some awards, including a gold medal honor from Bulldog Media for best specialized website. NewsCenter won gold alongside multimillion dollar companies and public relations firms, including GE Healthcare and Genentech. The National Association of Counties also awarded NewsCenter an excellence award among all county governments in the country.

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With a population of 1.1 million residents within a region of 7+ million people, our audience is wide and varied, so every article may not resonate with you. But in the end, we hope the articles help you understand your local government and community a little bit better.

–Greg Licamele
Editor, Fairfax County Government NewsCenter
Public Information Officer, Office of Public Affairs