As Summer Ends, 65 Things to Do in Parks

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With a slight night chill lately, the signs of summer’s end surround us.

But before the joys of summertime become distant memories, how many of the Park Authority’s list of 65 ideas have you crossed off?

Here are the top 10:

  1. Play. 165 parks have playgrounds.
  2. Fore score and seven whiffs. Eight parks have golf courses.
  3. If it’s mini-golf, why don’t they use marbles? At five park locations.
  4. Throw a hissy-fit. Get nose-to-nose with a snake. Visit all five nature centers.
  5. Get REC’d. Nine RECenters to visit.
  6. Think your kids don’t listen? Take ‘em to a concert. 13 amphitheatres.
  7. You think your kids live like animals? Visit Frying Pan Farm Park.
  8. Wheel out to a park. Bike in any of 125 parks with biking trails.
  9. Go Australian, mate. Walkabout.
  10. Check, mate. Play Chess.
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